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Coming off the back of HBO's reveal of the titles for the first four episodes of season five of Game of Thrones ("The Wars To Come," "The House Of Black and White," "High Sparrow," and "The Sons Of The Harpy"), HBO have taken it upon themselves to tease us just that little bit more with the release of three more episode titles.

Episodes 5, 6 and 7 are titled "Kill The Boy," "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken," and "The Gift," which are quite slightly spoiler-ific, if I may say so myself. And I'm going to explain to you why. I trust you're sitting comfortably?

Kill The Boy

In the novel A Dance With Dragons, Snow is instructed by Maester Aemon to "kill the boy and let the man be born," which becomes a sort of running mantra for him as he overcomes great trials in the fifth book from The Song Of Ice And Fire series.

So this title alludes to a very interesting, and thoroughly entertaining plot for Ned Stark's bastard. Or, maybe he has to kill a boy child. Who knows.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Image via Vanity Fair
Image via Vanity Fair

These three words happen to be the motto of House Martell, who we will be seeing a lot more of in Season 5. Which I'm pleased about, they are my favorite House. I'm guessing this is when we'll be introduced to the venomous Sand Snakes and their quest for vengeance for their father Oberyn "Red Viper" Martell's death.

The Gift

The Gift is an area of land in the North that stretches roughly about 5.5km south from the Wall, given to the Night's Watch by the mythical Bran the Builder. I dare not say much more or else slap a big ol' spoiler sticker on this article, but if the series does indeed stay true to the books, Jon Snow will be seen in this episode.

I really should start reading ASOIAF again, or at least A Dance With Dragons to freshen my memory before GoT returns on April 12th. Or rent the complete boxset and have a very sleepless and ambitious weekend. Hmm, the choices...

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