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After a dark season so far, full of kidnaps and race riots, Scandal's latest episode, 'It's Good To Be Kink' took a turn back to the good old days of Olivia Pope and her gladiators.

If you haven't seen the latest episode, don't read on. This article is chock-full of spoilers!

Girls' Lena Dunham Was Up To Mischief

Lena Dunham and Kerry Washington - almost too good
Lena Dunham and Kerry Washington - almost too good

Lena Dunham, of [Girls](series:719464) fame, had been wanting to guest star on Scandal for a long time. And it was worth the wait!

Dunham has frequently tweeted and said in interviews that she is a mad Scandal fan, so for her to star in this critical episode for the series must have been a dream come true.

Not only did she play a fabulous character, Kinky Sue, but she even got her own shocking twist when Huck decided she was too much of a loose end. Although her horrible wig was a questionable choice by the producers, her storyline was perfection. Classic Scandal brilliance!

Why did Lena Dunham have to wear that wig?
Why did Lena Dunham have to wear that wig?

Not only did Kinky Sue provide a juicy problem for Olivia Pope and Associates to sink their teeth into, but she was also a fabulously liberated, intelligent young woman - something the show is sometimes missing. Plus, Kinky Sue helped with the character development of the other characters in the show, something that has been desperately needed since Scandal took its turn for the crazy in the middle of this season.

While it is upsetting to know Sue won't be coming back to the show any time soon, I feel as though Scandal fans will be grateful for Dunham's involvement in 'It's Good To Be Kink' and will be looking forward to what the writers have in store for OPA next week.

Huck Is Back to His Old Ways

Huck is almost back to 'normal'
Huck is almost back to 'normal'

Huck's wife and child have been the focus of his attention for a while now, and finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of just watching him mope about his situation, perhaps next week Huck will be able to settle in to his new (well, old) life.

While it was obviously terribly unfortunate that the writers felt the need for him to slit Kinky Sue's throat, and this murder did not really fit into the story nicely (since Sue was hardly the biggest threat Huck was facing), it should see Huck getting past his sulkiness and moving back in with his family.

His kid seems cute and his wife has been an alright addition to the show so far, so we will have to see how this goes. It seems odd to me that Huck and Quinn have ended so abruptly, and that she still seems hung up on him, but we are meant to be rooting for him and his family, but that should all be sorter out next week. Hopefully.

Olivia is Back - Finally!

Olivia Pope is back to her old self - finally!
Olivia Pope is back to her old self - finally!

I've said it before and I will say it again - Olivia Pope's kidnapping was a bit of a jump-the-shark moment and Scandal was on the edge of losing its way when she was being sold to the Syrian baddies.

Luckily, they have managed to reign in the crazy and go back to what they do best - tell stories about scandals that need fixing by Olivia Pope, the DC go-to fixer of all problems.

It would have been interesting to have a sex scandal being released that mentioned Fitz and Olivia, but 'It's Good to Be King' was still a return to Scandal's original, solid form. The team were sleuthing, Olivia was preaching, the scandal's repercussions were personal (not that I really care about Leo, but his bust up with Red was enough to make it a little more interesting) and the team had to beat the clock to get the job done.

Olivia will most likely go back to pining over Jake or Fitz next week, but her little fling this week was a nice change and a sign that perhaps good things are on the horizon.

Did you enjoy Lena Dunham's role as a guest star on [Scandal](series:755840)? Do you think the season is heading in the right direction? What do you want to see happen in episode 17?


Did you enjoy Lena Dunham's storyline in Scandal season 4 episode 16?


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