ByTim Scott, writer at

After the successful premiere of Community Season 6, Yahoo Screen continues its launch into the web series realm with the premiere of its first original scripted series, Sin City Saints.

The Yahoo Original series follows the misadventures of Sin City Saints franchise owner Jake Tullus (Andrew Santino) as he tries to manage a basketball team he bought simply because he was bored. The eight part series also stars Malin Ackerman as Dusty Halford, a lawyer come to clean up the ‘circus’, and Tom Arnold as Kevin Freeman, a casino owner and Jake’s right hand man. For the basketball fans out there former NBA player Rick Fox is very entertaining as the general manager of the SCS who just wants to enjoy his retirement.

If you enjoy binge watching shows than this is one for you, although it’s only an eight episode series, Yahoo has released all of the episodes simultaneously. As a major fan of Yahoo Screen for bringing back Community I had been anticipating the release of Sin City Saints for a while and of course had to watch the whole thing the moment it came out.

The promotion for the series has been minimal and that’s a shame, as it’s definitely a fun watch and each episode is more enjoyable than the last.


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