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As you may remember, I spoke last week about the ultimate wedding rings for hardcore movie fans. They were undoubtedly beautiful, but something about their lovey-dovey sentimentality just didn't quite resonate with me.

Which is why this week it's all about fashion, baby... it's all about these incredibly cool Star Wars 'TIE Fighter' rings!

The rings are made by Etsy seller bytestobits and I have to say, they're some of the most beautiful pop-culture jewelry pieces I've ever seen.

Scroll down to see more pictures of the amazing TIE Fighter rings!

According to the designer, the rings are 3D printed in wax, cast in silver, hand polished, and set with a black onyx stone.

The metal used is 100% sterling silver so they won’t turn your fingers green.

They're also nice and sturdy; there's nearly an ounce of silver in each ring!

Which should also mean they keep their value.

The rings can be purchased at the bytestobits Etsy shop.

But for all the romantics...

Here's THAT wedding ring again.

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Would you buy one of these beautiful TIE Fighter rings?

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