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I don't know about you, but I am super stoked about Avengers 2. I get the chills every time I watch one of the trailers, and I am counting down the days. (Only 38 days left, if you were wondering.)

Now, this new TV Spot was just released a few days ago by Marvel Entertainment.

Avengers 2 looks like it will be filled with action, back stories, new stories, easter eggs, you name it! I love how this trailer was formatted with the introductions of each Avenger and Ultron.

Now, for the break down of the things I spotted. Are you ready?

We start out with Tony Stark, the Iron Man, and his 'employee', Agent Hill.
But now, what he says in reply to her "All set up, boss" is very interesting...

Actually, he's [Captain America] the boss. I just pay for everything, and design everything. Make everyone look cooler.

Anyone else get the hint of sarcasm here? Jealous much, Tony?

We know that Avengers 2 is leading up the next installment Marvel has, Civil War, and in the other trailers this hint has also been portrayed. Lots of Iron Man and Captain America interaction in these trailers. So, I know that I am looking forward to that.

But lets talk about those new gadgets that Stark has made.

A new collection of arrows for Hawkeye? Definitely Hawkeye, and definitely arrows. These are all the back of the arrows. I wonder what the arrowheads look like...

And then we have this.

Also Hawkeye's, but what? To me, it looks like we have arrows popping out of a cylinder. Maybe a quiver of some sort. A pocket-sized quiver. It looks like they have arrowheads on the ends of them, so this would be a very interesting gadget.

Obviously, Hawkeye is going to get a lot more screen time and dialogue in Avengers 2. Which will be great! He was very downplayed in [The Avengers](movie:9040), in my opinion.

If you step out that door, you're an Avenger.

It's possible that Hawkeye is going to be the one responsible for turning Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch to the good side, if that is what is happening. I'm afraid I'm a little rusty on that subject, but the trailers seem to want us to believe that this happens.

Back to the gadgets, there are two more that we see in this TV spot.

The Hulkbuster.

I do believe this is what Stark meant by making everyone look cooler. It is a pretty sweet set of armor. This is something that we have seen before, but it is still really cool to look at. He also has the new Mark 43 suit. I just saw Marvel's post here about it.

The other new piece of armor/weaponry that we see in this trailer is Captain America's shield.

Maybe this isn't exactly new, but it's technology has definitely been upgraded again. Did you notice the Avenger "A" on his shoulder? New suit!!

To finish, how about these scenes from [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)?

It just slipped. -Captain America


It's all in the swing.

Both are pretty awesome, and I look forward to seeing them in context!

How about you?

(I'm sure there are things that I didn't notice, and I'd love to hear what you noticed as well!)


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