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Being a huge fan of Kane Hodder, I could not wait to see MUCK, and unfortunately, it wasn't worth the hype. There were a lot of holes and sadly, the film fell through all of them.

MUCK was written and directed by Steve Wolsh. The film stars Jaclyn Swedberg (Playboy Playmate of the year 2012, Snake and Mongoose), Kane Hodder (Hatchet), Lauren Francesca (Hellbenders), Stephanie Danielson (Late Fee), Bryce Draper (Bound) and Lachlan Buchanan (Behaving Badly).

Oh where to begin. This was the most confusing film I have ever seen. It opens in a marsh with absolutely no explanation as to why they are there, how they got there or who they are. This is not a total deal breaker for me, but it would have been nice to see a bit more of a back story. There were zero character arks due to the lack of story and background for the characters.

MUCK is an independent film and this means a bit more nudity and sex than a "Hollywood" horror film. I'm not opposed to any of this, but the film relied way too heavily on it. It was more like watching a porno with blood and killing than watching a horror film. This took away from the story for me. Not to mention, who runs around a march in lingerie? It looked like the casting directors spent more time looking for "actors", and I use that term loosely, that were good at taking their clothes off and spent absolutely no time looking for people with acting talent. Kane was the only actor in the film that actually knew what he was doing.

MUCK was said to star Kane Hodder. While he was in the film, I don't think I would label his role a "starring" one. He was in the film for less than 5 minutes total. His time on screen was awesome. He only had one kill in the film before meeting his own demise, but it was a pretty brutal one.

Kane Hodder in MUCK
Kane Hodder in MUCK

The film wasn't a total lost cause for me, there were a few redeeming qualities. MUCK went with all practical effects, which I think is awesome, and since they were trying to pay homage to the slasher films of the past, this was a good call. The effects weren't over the top, "fake" looking, they were very well done. I also happen to love a bit of comedy with my horror, and there was plenty of that. Many of the lines and kills were quite humorous (in a good way).

The ending was left open leaving the potential for a sequel. If they do decide to make a part 2, I hope they rely a bit more on good acting and the story.

I had to go with a 5.5 star rating. The film wasn't horrible, but unfortunately, it wasn't the sensational film everyone was looking forward to either. If a sequel is made, I will more than likely give it a chance in hopes that it will be better.

Check out the trailer for MUCK below.

If you have seen MUCK, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.


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