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Disclaimer: This is my first article here. The following statements are strictly opinions based on facts and not necessarily true or factual.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) will soon to be gracing the big screen in theaters, a wealth of rumors and speculation has surface recently regarding who will survive and who will not in the movie. The recent Super Hero News article states that one of the newest characters introduced in Age of Ultron, Quicksilver, will not live to see the end of the films running time. This has caused a slight uproar throughout the superhero film fan community because the character has just been introduced, however while I agree it is premature, I can see the reasons for doing it.

Here is why I think it is important that Quicksilver is introduced but it is also OK that he dies before the credits roll:

Scarlet Witch

The obvious reason here is that Marvel wants to introduce the Scarlet Witch’s story to their cinematic universe. First and foremost, this gives Marvel another female superhero integrate into their universe to help decrease the overwhelming male to female ratio it currently has.

More importantly however, it allows Marvel to also introduce the more complicated story-line of the relationship between Scarlet Witch and The Vision.


With the purpose of introducing this story-line into the MCU, the important factor not to forget is that Fox just introduced Quicksilver into their X-Men Universe in [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942). While Quicksilver is important the Scarlet Witch story-line, how important is this character to the MCU as a whole? With Fox introducing Quicksilver to their universe, the redundancy across both franchises may not be worth it to Marvel to carry out across multiple movies. The one and done idea will allow Marvel to create a new story-line, and not replicate relatively the same superhero and same powers across 2 movie studios and franchises.

In my opinion, Quicksilver exists in the MCU to create and further the Scarlet Witch story-line, and if he is to die like speculated, it is because he was simply used as a platform for both Scarlet Witch and Vision.

While I do believe that the Quicksilver story-line could easily be used across multiple movies and even a potential [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) movie, I think that using him to introduce his sister is sufficient given the fact that he will still be seen in the X-Men universe.

Again: This is my first post so try not to be too harsh...


What do you think? Does Quicksilver exist in the MCU to introduce and further the Scarlet Witch story-line?


Should Quicksilver die in Age of Ultron?


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