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It brings me great pain and anger to tell you that literally the "most" awaited game [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) has been delayed again.


It is like the third or fourth time Rocksteady has delayed the release of Batman Arkham Knight and in response to that released a 7 minute gameplay trailer so that people can watch it and not go all spartan on them. But, Rocksteady have already done that they have delayed the game and in response released a game trailer, it wont work everytime. Great fans (myself included) have been waiting eagerly for the day this game will release and it has been like a year now but still no game only trailers.

The Trailer

The gameplay trailer in itself is good I liked it, seeing the chemistry between Commissioner Gordon and Batman and some new gadgets. Seeing the power of the Batmobile in pursuit missions and how it handles and manages to get steer out of tight corners. The trailer also gave us a glimpse of the story and how the criminals react and think about the incidents after Arkham City. Like there are these two inmates talking to each other and batman glides over them and listens to there conversation about Harley Quinn where one of them asks if "anyone has seen her" and the other remarking "no, after Arkham no one has". Meaning Harley Quinn has a large role to play maybe larger than we expect. The trailer also showcases the combat system, everything is the same as Arkham Asylum and Arkham City only for the edition of fear takedown, new finishers and now batman can disarm enemies and actually use their weapons not guns or anything lethal but items like baseball bats which he uses in the trailer and uses it to takedown 3 enemies until it breaks.

That ought to hurt
That ought to hurt


The trailer was great but if anybody from Rocksteady is reading this we want the actual game know. As this is the final Batman Arkham game maybe Rocksteady wants to make it perfect with it already getting a mature rating and I know how hard it is to end something you really love and want to make it perfect. Rocksteady would be taking fan suggestions and maybe just maybe include the whole bat family, just imagine the bat family versus all the villains of batman it would be spectacular to witness and be a part of it but dont make it too perfect that the game is ruined or is too easy or delay it so much that people lose hope. I know people at Rocksteady are working really hard to make the game everyone will remember but still I cannot wait longer. The game will know hopefully release on 23 June 2015, 21 days later from its initial release on 2 June 2015.


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