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Yesterday the fuse was lit for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’s brand new teaser trailer and now we have it in all its action-packed, plane-hopping, Benji-bumbling glory. As always Ethan Hunt and his team of top-secret co-operatives are back in the fold for another do-or-die mission that looks impossible for us mere mortals, but an absolute breeze for them.

The question, of course, is just what the hell is going on to have our hero going on the run once again, and who is the mastermind behind this covert conundrum? Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to have a scan through the breakdown below and see what what’s in store for Mr. Hunt’s next heroic endeavour. Read on dear viewer, read on...

The Gang’s All Here

As briefly shown in the trailer teaser, Hunt’s specially-picked team of wise crackers and safe-hackers have returned once again to give our hero a helping hand.

In order of stupidly cool appearance behind a variety of doors; Jeremy Renner reprises his role of William Brandt, last seen being put through the ropes as Hunt’s newest ally in Ghost Protocol. He’s just about to meet, Ving Rhames, who is back as computer-hacking hardnut, Luther Stickell - the only character besides Hunt to have appeared in all the Mission Impossible films - and looking mildly enthused about it all, too. Then of course, there’s Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn, who is suited and booted for a truck load of action, and the occasional laughs we presume.

But what of the main man? Do we have to go and look for Hunt ourselves? Course not...

The Hunt Is On

Here he is. The man. The legend. One of the only people on the planet who can rock a Hawaiian shirt whilst riding a motorcycle and reaching sub-zero levels of cool doing so; Mr. Ethan Hunt. It only takes a few seconds to clarify that all is not well for IMF’s Agent of The Century though, as we see him darting down a highway trying to evade some road-ragin’ henchman that are armed to the teeth.

Interestingly, this hot pursuit may well be led by Rebecca Ferguson, who will get a little more light shed on her later. As for the other gun-toting goons, Hunt naturally dispatches them like bugs on a windshield, but it’s safe to say that there will be more problems further down the road and one of them sounds like Jack Donaghy.

“The time has come to dissolve the IMF.”

During this flashy introduction, a familiar rasp has lingered along with it which belongs to Alec Baldwin’s smug-suit wearing higher-up who you can bet isn’t playing for the good guys. He wants the IMF put to bed, and could be going to great lengths to get the job done - that includes killing a friendly female of Ethan’s whilst he’s stuck in the gents lavatory.

Yes, it certainly appears that it’ll be out with the old organization and in with the new and equally lethal one, which goes by the deadly serious name of ‘The Syndicate.'

Woah-ooh-ooh, Mysterious Girl...

During Brandt’s reluctant conversation concerning The Syndicate, we see Hunt in a spot of bother, presumably after passing out from the gas.

Thankfully there looks to be an ally amongst his enemies in the form of Rebecca Ferguson, whose character is still unnamed on IMDb. For now she shall don the title of Miss Don't-trust-a-lot, who gives the bad guys a whoopin’ before helping our hero escape. Now, in your best Ian McKellen voice, escape? Or was set loose? Careful Ethan, we’ve seen enough top-secret missions in our time to know that women can be trouble. Just ask 007.

"The Syndicate is real.”

Alone and on the run as per usual, Ethan gives Benji a call and reveals his discovery: The Syndicate is real and what’s more, they’re a special group trained in all manner of evil deeds and wrong doings. Completing missions of chaos and catastrophe, this ‘rogue nation’ (see what they did there?) has been causing trouble all over the globe, and their next objective is wiping out IMF. All of them.

Naturally Ethan et al just won’t stand for that kind of thing, and so begins another explosive, espionage fuelled operation that involves giant projectors and women slowly stepping out of swimming pools looking all hot and stuff.

“So what’s the play?”

As the preview progresses, the theory of whether this new lass on the block is an enemy or an ally gets a little more confirmation. After a brief battle plan with Hunt and Benji, the unnamed maiden explains to Ethan that The Syndicate can’t be stopped and that “it’s impossible.”

How does she know? Is she connected somehow? Is she with or against Ethan? Doesn’t matter, as our boy Hunt simply smirks like a Cheshire cat with a license to kill and one cracking Powerpoint presentation. He then suits up and jumps into a giant drain, all in the name of justice, freedom and quite simply for the hell of it.

Who’s a bad girl?

So there we have it. With the leather biker gear and helmet to boot, it would assure us that Rebecca Ferguson’s character is in fact a member of the anti-IMF, explaining why Brandt wonders if she’s to be trusted.

It’s also clear that the bike/car chase that floods the teaser actually takes place early on in the film before Ethan calls in the new leading lady to help him on his mission. Fingers crossed she doesn’t stab him in the back, especially with him having a plane to catch later on.

Cruise Control

They said it couldn’t be done. They said there was no way Tom Cruise could top his last death-defying, brain-not-necessary stunt - then he went and hung himself on the side of a plane. Yes, it would be safe to assume that this stunt might be saved for later on in the film because let's face it, you’d want to save a multimillion dollar money shot like that.

We can only hope Benji does manage to open the right door and our hero makes it safely to the ground of the inside of a moving aircraft. The only question is how he’s going to beat it for the next Mission Impossible? Could Ethan Hunt be headed to space for the next adventure? Who knows? We can only wait for Rogue Nation to be activated when it arrives in cinemas July 31.

What do you think though? Is there something else that caught your eye that you simply can’t wrap your head around? Or are you rather reluctant to see the next IMF outing overall? Let me know in the comments below.


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