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When I asked you guys to posts your geeky collections on Moviepilot, I thought I'd see some cool DVD's, a box-set or two, maybe even a sock drawer converted into a comic shrine. I did not expect entire rooms dedicated to collectibles, figurines stacked in storage boxes because there's just no room for the 'excess' of awesome. May I just take a moment and say: WOW.

Just. WOW.

But I suppose you all didn't come here to read my congratulations on your collecting prowess. You want to know who wins the title of 'Moviepilot's Nerdiest Collector' (I use this as a term of endearment). Of all collections I was privy to, there was one that I just could not get over.

This person has his very own 'Man Cave' full of geek-chic amazingness.... and his name is:

Gerry Albert, for his 'Fortress of Nerditude'

I did have another personal fave though, not only for the order in which he keeps his loot, but the sheer volume of Pop Funko figurines that we love oh so much here at MP.

So I've decided a second winner is granted, and that goes to...

Matthew Chapman and his Nerd Collection

Ironically, you both probably don't have any room to squeeze another addition into your room's of glory- but we're going to send you something anyway!

To the rest of you fine collectors!

We could only choose 2 winners this time around, but fear not: we have new contests popping up every week, so stay tuned to our creators page.

Check out our MASSIVE Comic Week contest where you can win $650 worth of comics (US only for this one).

We've got some more contests coming your way later in the week too :)

Until next time, creators!


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