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Movie addict and aspiring director.
Shadan Syed

The Mission Impossible movie series is one of those series I grew up watching and believe me...I love the series! It has action , story, an epic cast, bikes and Tom Cruise! It has everything that I desire in an action movie! So after reading this, you might have guessed my reaction (I am not screaming in the video,though) but still if you have made this far (LOL! its like 70 words!) in this post then you deserve a reward. And that reward is...

Exactly you,right? Yes? :-(
Exactly you,right? Yes? :-(

So that was my trailer reaction! I hope you guys like it! And please, become a creator on and send your reactions so that Moviepilot can compile it into a video of awesomeness!

P.S.- There is a blue button here that says "Follow", if you click it then you will get a map to real life Hogwarts! So what are you waiting for? Click! *Cue Evil Laugh*


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