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(Warning: There are some spoilers from the comic book and the last couple of episodes of Season 5.)

There are a lot of rumors going around that Daryl Dixon will see his final day in the Season 5 finale. Norman Reedus had an interview with Entertainment Tonight to which they asked him, "What should we expect for the Season 5 finale?" To which he responded:

"Wow...bring your Kleenex and you'll be screaming at your television."

Somehow that raised the idea that Daryl is about to walk into a death trap and is done for. I wanted to discuss a few factors from the comic book and the show to illustrate the reasons why Daryl Dixon is not going to die this season finale.

Daryl has become a big star in The Walking Dead, they made this character just for Norman Reedus. In the beginning, the series it used to introduce him as, "Starring Norman Reedus." He was suppose to die the first season, but he stuck around and every teenage girl fell in love. In the comic book - parallel to where we are now in the show - Daryl Dixon doesn't exist, though there was talk about adding him in. (Not sure if that has happened yet or not.)

So obviously the show and the comic are different. Here are some another examples illustrating this:

Rick was suppose to lose an arm due to The Governor, Dale was suppose to die the way Bob did in the show, Tyreese was suppose to die the way Hershel did, and Andrea is still alive an Carol is dead.

If you have read the comic book you know something is about to GO DOWN!

Daryl and Aaron could encounter some challenges, but I think that's the least of our worries at this point. We need to start looking inside the camp. Daryl can handle himself. Obviously. He spotted that house before Aaron ever even thought there was anyone living out there anymore. Daryl has no problem facing up against walkers, or even the living.

We need to start looking inside the walls of Alexandria. Let's think about everyone else. We saw Deanna was not going to fix Pete abusing Jessie. So what else is Pete going to do? The real danger is inside the camp. Not to mention our strong characters are surrounded by weakness. Our favorite characters keep making comments about forgetting what it's like outside the walls.

They now have to abide by Deanna, but obviously Deanna doesn't know how to handle certain things. So what happens when things get completely out of control? Will she and her people let Rick's crew take control and do what needs to be done?

Where is Morgan? We've been waiting for him to show up all season. What if something happens to him? Obviously the 'W' carved into the walkers' heads is concerning to everyone. Daryl found one far from camp, but yet there was that first walker in the beginning of "Try" who had it as well. So Daryl is tracking them now, but he could be too late. Whoever is carving the 'W's into these walkers' heads seem closer to camp then we think. Could this be another Governor?


Do you think Daryl still has a chance in The Walking Dead, or has his time passed?


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