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Solemn opening to [The Walking Dead](series:201193) as we see Deanna and her family in post mortem. After a few minutes of sitting in silence by candlelight Deanna gets up and plays a song by Nine Inch Nails. Strange choice indeed but after a few minutes her husband decides he has heard enough. The Alexandrians have not seen so much death in their entire time being safe and sheltered behind their walls. Essentially naive, this tragedy hits them hard. Deanna seemed to not be too moved by the casserole Carol left for her. She didn't even take it in the house and proceeded to burn the note. Also in the opening sequence we see Carol's cookie monster friend (Jessie's son) appear rather creepily at the window. He has come for a visit. Meanwhile up in the bell tower, Sasha is distraught but standing lookout.

We move to seeing Nicholas in front of the camera and begins his series of lies about what happened at the warehouse; saying Aiden was trying to save them from a roamer and that Glenn distracted him. He stated he had no plans to leave his friend and that Noah's death wasn't his fault either. He insisted to Deanna that "They did this! It was them."

Next is Rick and Carol on the porch talking about Jessie and her abusive husband, Pete. As we saw at the end of last week's episode, Carol suggests rather bluntly that Rick needs to kill Pete. Carol obviously feels strongly about this given her past with Ed. Later that night, Rick, stopping at the lake, is interrupted by Pete wanting to say hello. Rick stares him down and tells him to walk away, with his hand on the secret gun.

As Deanna is mourning at the grave site, Rick approaches her, expresses sympathies but she would have none of that. Without a beat, Rick broaches her on the subject of Pete. Apparently Deanna knew this was a problem but did not give in to Rick's suggestion of killing him. Exile is the only option she will contemplate.

Michonne and Rosita discover Sasha is missing. They set out to find her and have a little conversation about it feeling weird to be outside the walls of Alexandria for the first time since arriving. They soon stumble across some dead walkers with bullet holes in the backs of their heads. "She's hunting them," says Michonne of Sasha.

Some fun in the woods as Carl is on a mission to track down the elusive Enid. He can't see her but he hears her. She plays with him a little bit before revealing herself and the two run off. He eventually catches up with her and insists that she should not be in the woods. Enid doesn't care about his warnings but she warms up to him and they run off again.

Back in Alexandria, Glenn confronts Nicholas and puts him in his place. He advises him not to go outside the walls anymore. He says guys like him deserve to die and that he's lucky the walls were there in time to protect him, otherwise he'd be long dead.

And back in the woods we go to see Carl and Enid getting cozy inside an empty tree. They almost have a moment as walkers are skulking by.

Next is Nicholas removing some dirt and pulling out a paint can where he presumably buried it and inside we see a gun with the letter "J" on it. Now he is armed.

In the next scene Rosita and Michonne catch up to Sasha as she points out "I am sick of playing defense." Michonne responds with "So you're just gonna take on all of them?" Sasha says "yea" as she starts to pick them off one by one. Walkers start to swarm and it appears to be overwhelming but the three women prevail much to the chagrin of Sasha as she makes it clear to Michonne that she does not need her help. She then breaks down and admits that she told Noah he would make it.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the woods, Daryl and Aaron are continuing their quest. They come upon a scene that can only be described as sheer horror. Dismembered body parts scattered about the ground. Knowing this happened recently they follow tracks that lead to another horrific scene - a dead naked woman tied to a tree with her insides ripped out. Daryl lifts her head up to discover a "W" carved on her forehead.

The moment has come where Rick meets Jessie in her garage and tries to reason with her about Pete. "He's hitting you. He's hurting you," he says to Jessie. She quickly defends her husband, reminding Rick she's married and runs back into the house. Rick walks off but stops abruptly to observe the people of Alexandria and he rushes back into Jessie's house. What can be described as a sharing of emotions, Rick conveys in his own way that he cares about her and will do everything he can to help her. Jessie comes around and agrees to accept Rick's help but then Pete storms in and things escalate quickly between he and Rick. The two men trade violent blows and things spill out of a window and onto the sidewalk. The commotion gets everyone running towards the fight. Carl and Jessie attempt to break it up but they get knocked aside. Eventually it ends with Rick getting Pete in a choke hold but he stops and threatens to kill him next time.

With the fight over and Rick bloodied, he forcefully pleads with Deanna that their way is going to destroy them. At this point Rick is in classic Rick meltdown. Deanna agrees that they have to control who lives there but not in the way Rick suggests. Rick begins another rant - "if you don't fight you die..." then BAM!! Michonne, in uniform clocks him on the head and takes his gun. Show over.


Some take-aways:

  • I think they put too much focus on Sniper Sasha. We get it, she has lost it.
  • Rick becoming unhinged for the 100th time. That card is overplayed. And with his craziness and fighting experience he should have made quick work of Pete. He took on a surgeon, come on.
  • Jessie knew Pete was in the house so why wouldn't she just grab Rick and run out? I partly blame her for the fight being that she knows what her husband is like.
  • I like the friendship forming between Daryl and Aaron. I would have never expected that. I just wonder if they are heading into danger.
  • Rosita needs to be featured more. She expresses herself very well but we hear very little from her. Rosita has asserted herself as a very strong contributor to the group.
  • If Nicholas uses that gun to kill anyone from our beloved group, I will hold ill will towards the writers of this show. He is not worthy.

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