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In the past few week a cover picture of an upcoming batman comic has been attacked by feminist groups. Is this deserved for this content? Well no. I feel this is just one of many time feminist have effected comics in a negative way. I'm unaware of a time where feminists impacted comics in a positive way. It all starts with wonder woman.

Wonder woman was created by men but adopted by the feminist movement. Ever since feminist have either effected the wonder woman comics or written by them. They then focuses on the feminist aspects of the character instead of her full character. Cuz of this if you ask any comic book fan to list iconic moments in batman or superman or Spidermans life they can list five in moments. Ask the same about wonder woman and you get maybe one. Most fans don't even care if she is in the justice league.

In addition there is another cover from about a year ago that shows spider woman in a sexy pose. Feminist groups complained that male characters wouldn't be depicted like that. Well that was bull shit cuz that pose is one Spiderman is in all the time and was a direct play on the cover of spider man number 38 or so. Feminist like to complain about stuff and not do the research.

Finally we have the cover that started all this. All it is is the joker holding batgirl where batgirl looks afraid. Feminist are saying it's violent and shows the joker as being abusive. Well no shit he is the fucking joker. There have been fRiend more graphic covers from speedy as a drug addict, batman holding a dead robin, or the joker with his face cut off and stapled back on. This cover his a call back to one of the greatest books called the killing joke. In it the joker shots batgirl, take pictures of her nude body and shows them to her father in order to drive him crazy. Jim Gordon hold together and is able to move past this event. This cover is a great call back to the killing joke.


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