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Last year, The Middle Earth Saga came to a close. Since 2012, moviegoers began story of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; which was the first chapter in The Hobbit Trilogy. The story of The Hobbit came full circle last December in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The film was not only the conclusion to The Hobbit, but the whole Middle Earth Saga; so as you can imagine, there was a lot riding on The Battle of the Five Armies. However, the ending to the Hobbit was met with mix results. The conclusion to The Hobbit Trilogy was either something you approved of, or you found yourself being disappointed. I stand in the camp of liking The Hobbit's final film as well as the whole Hobbit trilogy. While it was not the conclusion I was expecting, I left The Battle of the Five Armies satisfied knowing that the Middle Earth Saga was completed.

While I was satisfied to The Hobbit's ending, I could not help but hope for more. For the longest time, I had another way for this trilogy to end. My hope was that the ending to The Hobbit would be a proper send off for The Middle Earth Saga. Seeing that I won't be getting the ending that I envisioned (unless The Extended Edition of Battle of the Five Armies is different), I figured I would share my alternate ending if you. Keep in mind that there will be spoilers in this article, so if you not seen The Hobbit films and would like to, you should probably read this post another time. However if you have seen the film then by all means, stick around. That being said, lets get into my alternate ending to The Hobbit.

Actual Ending

After The Battle of The Five Armies and the death of Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo decides to head back to The Shire. After a tearful goodbye to the remaining dwarf company, Bilbo and Gandalf make their way back. After several shots of the two traveling through Middle Earth, Bilbo and Gandalf finally make it to the edge of the Shire. After a conversation between Gandalf and Bilbo about Bilbo's magical ring, the two friends bid farewell and the hobbit makes his way home. Upon discovering his belongings being auctioned off, Bilbo makes it to Bag End where he reflects on his adventure. The film then reveals (which should be a surprised to anyone) that Bilbo still has the ring; which he told Gandalf that he had lost it during the battle. This transitions us to where The Hobbit's story began as the older Bilbo gazes at his ring. Bilbo then hears a knock at the door and discovers that the unwelcome visitor is none other then his old friend Gandalf; and the rest is history.

Though the ending was a tad bittersweet, it was understandable. Since Guillermo Del Toro was a part of the project, the idea for The Hobbit's conclusion was always for it to make an easy transition into The Fellowship of the Ring. The ending we got did just that and it made sense. With the ending of The Battle of Five Armies being the way it is, it gives The Middle Earth Saga a consecutive story that allows viewers to watch all six films in a linear fashion. So even though The Battle of Five Armies did not have the ending I wanted, it was still a fitting ending for both The Hobbit and the whole series.

Alternate Ending

So what other way could there be to end The Hobbit? I am sure there are several ways to do it, but I always envisioned the ending going something like this. This conclusion to The Battle of The Five Armies would go the same way as the theatrical cut. It would still feature Bilbo leaving and showing his return to Bag End. The ending would even feature the scene of Bilbo looking at the ring. However what differs in this ending is that there more of an emphasis on the book that Bilbo uses to write his story. We see the book filled with blank pages which then transitions to book being completed. However, instead of seeing the older Bilbo Baggins or even Frodo, the scene reveals that the one reading the book is none other then Samwise Gamgee. Sam became the owner in the book when Frodo gave it to them at the end of The Return of the King. We have a quick appearance of Samwise looking over the book which still resides in the study of Biblo. We then see Sam working on the book which leads to the scene concluding with the Hobbit continuing his own tales of Middle Earth, and the film comes to a close by zooming out of Bilbo's former study.

The only issue with this ending is that it would take away from the linear storytelling presented in the Middle Earth Saga. If the conclusion to The Hobbit was like this alternate ending, then viewers would have to start with The Lord of the Rings oppose to its prequel trilogy. However, I cannot help but think this alternate ending would have been a perfect way to leave Middle Earth. It would have been an interesting way to bring a journey that started in 2001 to a complete circle. Then again, this is just my opinion.

Though I wished for this alternate ending to be conclusion to The Hobbit, I was still satisfied with the ending that we saw in The Battle of the Five Armies. The ending was fitting for The Hobbit, and it does help viewers to get right into The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. However, seeing that The Battle of the Five Armies was labeled to be the "Defining Chapter", I would love to see the movie live up to that title by presenting a conclusion like the one that I have presented. Well there is no sense of crying over spilled milk; and who knows: there is always a chance that the extended edition of The Battle of the Five Armies may have a different ending.


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