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It was a rather boring week at the movies this past weekend with two movies opening with less than stellar reviews and not impressing at the Box Office either, here are the TOP 5 Box Office movies of this weekend:

1) INSURGENT - $52.2 Million

It's no surprise that the second film in the Young Adult "Divergent" series would be at the top this weekend but what was a surprise was the actual number. "Insurgent" only opened at $52.2 Million, which was just slightly under its predecessors opening with $54.6 Million. I'm not sure the 31% Critic Rating on Rotten Tomatoes helped either. The general consensus was that the film wasn't terrible, it just wasn't an improvement over the first which again, wasn't terrible, it's just very formulaic and bland. INSURGENT - Review

2) CINDERELLA - $34.9 Million

Again this wasn't a surprise, a huge opening weekend and positive word of mouth saw Cinderella only decrease by 49% in its second week. The film has now made a whopping $253 Million worldwide! The film is opening in the UK this Friday so I'll have a review up pretty soon.

3) RUN ALL NIGHT - $5.03 Million

Run All Night opened last week to a disappointing box office return but has still remained in the top five for this week, out grossing the brand new action movie "The Gunman" which was targeted at the same audience. Run All Night is a lot of fun and surprisingly pretty good, I recommend it! RUN ALL NIGHT - Review

4) THE GUNMAN - $5.02 Million

Sean Penn is the latest aging star to receive the 'Taken' treatment and funnily enough its even from the director of "Taken". The Gunman had an interesting trailer but the story wasn't clear, the action looked fun but nothing unlike we've seen before. The Gunman currently has a very poor 13% Critic Rating on Rotten Tomatoes which may have helped sway audiences away from seeing it this weekend. Expect The Gunman to be out of the top 5 by next weekend.


It's still here! The best movie of 2015 so far didn't make massive waves with its box office but has stayed with us for weeks and weeks. The word of mouth for Kingsman has been very positive and with good reason. This is Kingsman's sixth weekend in theaters. Impressively "Kingsman" has now made $295 Million worldwide, expect it to pass $300 Million within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the positive reaction and positive box office will up the chances of a Kingsman sequel. KINGSMAN - Review

So there you have it guys, the top five at the weekend box office. As always thanks to Box Office Mojo for all the numbers and stats, make sure you check out that site!

Make sure to tell me what movies you saw over the weekend and what movies are you looking forward to this weekend?

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