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Dr Liebenstein

Yesterday, Dr Liebenstein screened at IHFF, marking the movie's seventh film festival screening since last year! Today, the 97 minute vampire movie is being released by Energetic Films on VOD with over 3 hours of video content of 24 videos for only $9.99! With Dr Liebenstein actress Jessica Henwick joining the cast of Game of Thrones as a whip cracking Sand Snake (Nymeria Sand), you'll definitely want to see Jessica in her first feature film and in her bonus features included in this bargain VOD package! You can watch this exciting movie immediately at

Jessica Henwick in Dr Liebenstein -  © Gene Ambo
Jessica Henwick in Dr Liebenstein - © Gene Ambo

By popular demand, Dr Liebenstein has also been re-released by Energetic Films on DVD, which includes the bonus features Dr Liebenstein: Prologue (short film) and Mia Doran on location interview. DVDs are available to ship anywhere in the world at Dr Liebenstein DVD.

Movie brief summary:
When a menacing vampire is summoned from the darkness and begins terrorizing couples in Chicago, a doctor with a haunted past is determined to confront and destroy him.


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