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It has barely been a month since Dana Schwartz’s (a Chicago writer and comedian) Twitter account–@DystopianYA–gained some well-earned attention after Schwartz started humorously pointing out all the cliché and tired trappings of YA fiction (with a dystopian twist).

When questioned about why she started the account, she had this to say:

“I loved dystopian stories as a kid. Books like The Giver and Ender’s Game really shaped my childhood but what they had in common was a kid who for whatever reason was special and had to challenge the role he was given from the adults around him. As I’ve grown up, I still enjoy those sorts of stories, but I’ve become a bit more cynical and attuned to the certain tropes that kept repeating.

Since I read Divergent a few years ago, I became hyperaware of the sort of tropes that have become overused in YA novels. Things like trains, overly simplified first-person narration, and love triangles. I started another parody Twitter account a few months ago @GuyInYourMFA, and I realized how fun it was to skewer overused literary cliches” (Buzzfeed).

Both accounts are absolute gems and if you are not following them, you are woefully behind.

Moving on, I for one got a kick out of reading these tweets and playfully imagined an entire film dedicated to such generic shenanigans.

Well, now we don’t have to wonder anymore.

Recently, Fandango did the whole of humanity a huge favor and assembled clips of many of these famous—and infamous—Dystopian YA movies into one massive trailer. Everything ranging from The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games Lite (whoops. Meant to type Divergent) to even lackluster franchises like Twilight and The Mortal Instruments (I know, I know. Technically, the latter did not even make it to franchise status, but I digress) made the cut.

The end result is a fantastically hilarious trailer that is aware of its very existence. The plot of the trailer comes across as very Avengers-esque, especially considering that the various, “chosen” teens from these movies must band together against their respective, “ambiguously oppressive” governments (Fandango).

Don’t believe me? Check out the evidence for yourself below:

What did you think about the trailer? What do you think about these Dystopian movies in general? Let me know in the comments below!

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