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Furious 7's Estimated Box Office Amount!

Apparently among some of the most known movie websites such as DEADLINE has come to a conclusion on how much the movie could possibly make on the day of release, and the numbers are outstanding. We aren't surprised of this due to Paul Walker's tragic death. So many fans clinging to see one of their favorites in the last film of one of his most iconic franchises.

They are currently predicting nearly $110 Million and $115 Million during the weekend of the release into movie theaters in North America alone. But this is not the first time the Fast & Furious franchise grossed a lot of money with-in weeks of it's release. Fast & Furious 6 made an astounding $97.4 Million going on to gross a total of $788.7 Million worldwide.

[Furious 7](movie:264263) seems so far as if it could possibly break that current record in the franchise. It's estimated to actually break the also current record broke last April by [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) which took in $95 Million. DEADLINE has also stated that Furious 7's audience awareness is around 91%. They have also stated that in regards to advanced ticket sells (Pre-Orders) that Furious 7 is outselling [Fast & Furious 6](movie:37143) at the same point in its sales cycle on Fandango.

To date, the Fast & Furious franchise has racked up $2.4B for Universal Studios worldwide through previous chapter Fast & Furious 6, which opened over the 2013 Memorial Day frame, accumulating $238.7 Million stateside and $788.7 Million around the globe. Recently the actors of the infamous franchise has come together to make this a big movie for the fans, so everyone can remember a once great actor who had fallen tragically during what could be their best film out of the entire franchise.

They recently had an interview on the Today Show including the actors in Furious 7:

Which was supposed to be here, but fans broke the website wanting to see it and what the actors had to say. Interview

and once again the movie comes to theaters April 3RD.

Furious 7 Trailer:


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