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Okay, first off this poor girl must have got hit by a car or something because her leg is in a cast. Then this boy who obviously is head over heels for this girl writes "you're a real traffic stopper" on her cast, come one dude really? Then immediately the trailer takes a turn by this girl sitting in bed and there is a knock on the other side of her wall. She knocks back and their are two knocks in reply. She then texts the boy and they have this short conversation that ends by her texting "am I keeping you up" and he replies "I'm not at home I'm at my grandma's right now." Then she gets this look that says "what the fuck" and turns toward the wall where I'm guessing that the boy's room is one the other side. She decides to knock again to see if something would happen but it didn't so she turned off her lamp and laid down. Just a few seconds after she closed her eyes this arm comes from the ceiling and grabs her shoulder. I won't lie that made me jump. Right after that that creepy 'tip toe' song starts playing and it shows Alease (sorry if I spelled that wrong) in the further and she is at that damn red door. Then back at that girls house the ceiling starts cracking and there is some creepy thing in the corner. The girl with the hurt leg is just chilling in a chair when she looks at the window and this thing is standing behind this see-through curtain and then it screams or something and like melts through the floor. Then hot pocket guy and his buddy come in with the girls dad following some bloody foot prints leading down a hallway. Then shit just goes completely crazy with a Alease getting possessed or attacked and that girl freaking out. There are some more bloody foot prints going down the stairs then up the wall. Lastly Alease gets the shit scared out of her by whatever left the foot prints by almost running into its face while it hung from the ceiling.

I'm really excited for this movie. I think Chapter 3 is going to be the best out of the movies. I won't lie it's probably going to scare what soul I have left out of me leaving me to an empty vessel that I will have to fill by sucking the soul out of others.


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