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Hellyn Brimstone

The Legion of Super Vixens

Strengths: She can turn fire into ANYTHING she wants it to be. Whether it be a horse, or be a chariot of Fire, Hellyn can do it. She can make the fire dance at her own will and can even shoot fire from her eyes. She does what she wants and can unleash Hell within a matter of seconds!

Weaknesses: Her Parents, Phlame, singed hair

People say I'm a bit of a hot mess! I however think they are just full of HOT AIR! - Hellyn Brimstone

Ever since Hellyn Brimstone was a little girl, she loved getting into mischief when her parents weren't around. As a child, she spent most of her days alone curious about everything in the world around her. Her family's manor was isolated from the rest of the town so she didn't get out much. However, she didn't mind it because living in a big house she had the freedom to explore. However when she did feel lonely she would always find herself sitting beside the fire cuddling on the love seat. She would watch the fire dance on top of the wood and become completely indulged in the beauty, light and warmth it possessed. One night as she was laying beside the fire, she couldn't help but feel some sort of weird connection flow from within her. She reached out to touch the fire expecting it to burn her finger. Instead, the flames danced around her arm playfully licking her skin. To most people, they would have major burns. But it wasn't like that for Hellyn. The sensation felt like a kiss, a warm beautiful kiss which left her bursting into tears.

Her parents would often tell her these stories when she was a little girl about her ancestors having these magical fire gifts. Although being young, she merely thought that they were legends. When Hellyn addressed her power with her parents, they smiled and told her that they knew all along. It was then the stories her parents told when she was younger made her feel more connected with her gift. Her ancestors harnessed their gift and used them for good. However, her great great grand uncle who had a hot temper extinguished their town leaving many people left for dead. Her parents told her that people can get that way, if they let their emotions get the better of them. However, her parents took action immediately and placed her in a school, designed for students like her to help harness their powers. That school was called, Super Heroine High! A place where those possessing amazing gifts went and were educated. The passion and admiration she had for her parents made her excel in all her studies. Her parent's happiness meant more to her than almost anything!

One day when Hellyn was drinking a coffee, a boy around her age sat down across from her. His eyes were a ash tray gray and his hair was a fiery red. His name was Phlame. He smiled at her and took her hand in his only to pull back right away as the heat coming from her palm singed him. However he reached back out again, and this time the heat came from his hand and singed her. She flinched as the pain tingled throughout her hand. He too had some sort of magical gift that dealt with fire.

During their time together, Hellyn and her new found love talked about everything. Just like every couple, they had their moments when they fought non stop and then wouldn't talk to each other for days. But of course, the times that weren't spent fighting was spent laughing with one another, cozy nights by the fire and playing dancing under the moonlight with her love. It was then one day, she saw this beautiful blonde hair girl with orange streaks flirting with her boyfriend. Her hair was beautiful blonde with red and orange flames at the bottoms flowing at the bottom. Hellyn became aware of Blaize seducing techniques. She was known as the Vamp Tramp for stealing other girls boyfriends. Phlame reassured her that Hellyn was the only one for him. They were soul mates, with a fiery passion of love that only the two could understand.

Now being a senior student at high school, the girl who was seen flirting with her man walked the same halls as she did. Although they have never really spoken, the tension was there. Hellyn HATED this girl! Every time Phlame would go walking by, Blaize always had that tasteful hungry look in her eye. Her beauty and the way she impressed a lot of guys with her fire tricks made her envious that she could do so much with fire without having the fear of hurting anyone. But Hellyn on the other hand, was different. Unlike Blaize, her parents weren't of the same type of fire. Blaize was of the Sun Fire League which were rivals of Hellyn's.

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