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It's best to sum up my transitioning feelings of the new Spider-Man movie through Jake the Dog GIFs:

First, my excitement was uncontrollable when I heard that Spider-Man would be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I think I made this face for three straight days.
I think I made this face for three straight days.

Then I heard that the [Black Panther](movie:9047), and Captain Marvel movies were being postponed for the new Spider-Man film as a part of the deal Sony and Marvel made.

My friends were very worried about me.
My friends were very worried about me.

And then I found out that this new Spider-Man was going to be a high school student, most likely Peter Parker, unmarried to Mary Jane Watson, have at least a cameo in Civil War, and his own movie in 2017.

Utter contempt through cereal consumption.
Utter contempt through cereal consumption.

That perfectly described my attitude toward the whole Marvel/Sony deal and a new Spider-Man movie. But, I was going to let it slide without much of a response, until today when I saw, on my news feed from one of the thousands of comic book news sites I subscribe too, that Marvel had been looking for teenage men to play Spider-Man. And one of the sites had claimed that Marvel was looking at sixteen-year-old Mateus Ward to play the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

I'm not about to start judging Ward or question his acting ability. If this audition is even true, and he gets the part I'm sure he'll do the best he can, and work hard on making a great performance. (Even though I've never heard of him before today).

But, it was the article that I linked to earlier that made me realize something: I just don't care about a Spider-Man movie anymore.

I'm sorry, but I don't care about who's going to play him. I don't care about who's writing or directing the new movie. I don't even care that he's could be in an Avenger movie soon.

And this is not to belittle or diminish anyone who is ecstatic that Spidey is going to be back. I understand fan loyalty, and understand that there are some people who cannot wait to see their favorite superhero go up against Thanos and Loki in the biggest superhero film franchise ever. But, for me I'm still upset that this next Spider-Man movie is pushing back characters that have deserved their own movie for a long time now. It's so hard for me to be enthusiastic about this new Spider-Man movie considering I just saw one.

The last Spider-Man movie came out less than a year ago, and it will be just over two years when this next one comes out. In the span of three years there will have been two Spider-Man movies. That just feels like such a quick a turn around for a character I and the rest of the general population know so well.

Peter Parker is a high school dweeb that gets bitten by a radioactive spider, gets super powers, uses the powers to try and make money, doesn't listen to his Uncle Ben, his Uncle Ben dies from the hands of a mugger Parker could have stopped but didn't, and that tragedy causes him to become Spider-Man. Oh and with great power comes great responsibility. We all know this. Every kindergartener knows this story, because there have been five films in the past thirteen years that have crammed that story down our throats.

When does it become too much? When does it start getting old? Have we overused the character Spider-Man?

Because at this point it feels like another Spider-Man movie is beating a dead horse.

Superhero fans live in a great age for superhero films and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. The genre only seems to grow with the inclusion of newer characters that aren't on the mainstream knowledge. The fact that Black Panther, and [Captain Marvel](movie:949779) are getting movies is showing that the genre is becoming so much bigger than just a few core characters. We're not just seeing a bunch more Iron Man or Thor sequels. We're getting the ultimate superhero experience through Marvel.

The fact that we have to wait longer for these characters, because of another Spider-Man movie, is frustrating, because they deserve a shot in the limelight.

I'm sure this is all part of the deal [Marvel](channel:932254) and Sony made. Sony probably wanted Marvel to delay the other Marvel movies, so Spider-Man could have less competition when his own movie comes out. But, it's not like Marvel was in desperate need for Spider-Man. In fact they've been doing pretty damn well without him.

In fact Spider-Man has lost a lot of his popularity now a days. Spider-Man isn't even Marvel's most popular character. Do you want to know who is? Deadpool.

Comic book wise, Spider-Man is constantly being outsold by the antithesis of himself. And let's face it the only reason [Deadpool](movie:38663) is going to be "killed off" is because Marvel aren't the ones making a movie out of him. But, even still the fact that the gun toting, insane, loveable psychopath is running circles around Spider-Man (who was at one point Marvel's biggest character for over forty years) has shown that Spider-Man has slipped.

The latest Spider-Man crossover event (Spiderverse) had to have dozens of other Spider-Mans from other dimensions, and before that his body was taken over by Doctor Octopus. Basically this implies that the character Peter Parker cannot support himself as a main character without some kind of gimmick. The last three Spider-Man movies have been decent at best, and horrible at worst, and every single Spider-Man movie has retold or reiterated the origin story in one way or another.

Giving him his own movie (again) so soon just feels redundant. Especially when we have other characters that can expand and develop the Marvel universe in even bigger and better ways. Black Panther has the entire lore of Wakanda, and is one of the few prominent African superheroes in comics, something audiences don't see very often. Captain Marvel is a female superhero who can fly and lift cars over her head one handed. She goes out into space all the time and has fought the alien of the race of the Kree.

God these two look cool!
God these two look cool!

I really don't mean to bash on Spider-Man, because despite everything I've said he is one of my favorite characters. And I'm sure that whoever is going to work on it will make the best movie possible, and it is possible that another Spider-Man movie will give the character new life. So, maybe the question isn't Do We Really Need Another Spider-Man Movie? Maybe the question is, What Can A New Spider-Man Movie Offer? And if this new movie can't offer anything to expand the Marvel Universe then it only delayed other movies that could.

My ultimate fear is that studio execs will keep rebooting the character in a desperate attempt to try and make him relevant for the movies. And I definitely don't need to see Peter Parker get bit by that freaking spider over and over.

Especially when it could cost us other great characters and their chance to shine.


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