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So chances are, if you were a kid who grew up in...just about anywhere, you've probably heard of Dragon Ball Z. This sequel to the Dragon Ball series became so popular that it's far surpassed its predecessor, to the point where people sometimes forget that there's a whole entire series set before this one! Though the manga and show ended a long time ago, we're all STILL talking about it thanks to toys, videogames, movies and general hype that has yet to disperse among fans!

So earlier today, I was watching Dragon Ball Z and came across the episode where Vegeta talks about the original Super Saiyan. For those who don't know, Super Saiyan is a level of power that a Saiyan (Goku and Vegeta's race) can achieve. It causes their hair to turn bright yellow, their eyes to turn blue, and their body to be surrounded by a glowing yellow aura.


My theory is set to change the very history of Dragon Ball Z, and all I have to do to begin tearing away at the fabric of space and time is utter one sentence: Goku did NOT achieve Super Saiyan status on Namek! If you're a DBZ fan, or just a person with general knowledge of DBZ and Goku's transformation, you probably think I'm either blind, stupid or insane. Or all three. But before you write me off, let me explain. First, a little DBZ history.

According to the legend of the first Super Saiyan, he appeared somewhere between one thousand and three thousand years before the story of Dragon Ball Z. According to an anime-only (but confirmed canon) scene, his appearance when he was in his SS form looked very similar to the traditional Great Ape transformation that every Saiyan with a tail can perform during a full moon.

It's never explained why the original SS took the form of a golden ape in DBZ, but we believed we got the answer in Dragon Ball GT!

In DBGT, the anime-only (but still sort of regarded as canon) sequel to DBZ, Goku transforms into a gigantic golden Great Ape during a battle with the villain Baby. After this, it is regarded that the 'Golden Oozaru' form is the highest level of Super Saiyan, and that the original SS achieved this form.

But I don't think that's the case at all. Why? Well, when we first see the original SS, it's in a flashback during Vegeta's monologue about the legendary warrior. But in the flashback, OSS (as we will call him for now) is already in the 'Golden Oozaru' form. Tell me, why would we be introduced to the original Super Saiyan in his absolute highest form? The name implies that we are being introduced to the first person to go Super Saiyan; so surely, we should have been introduced to him in his actual SS form, rather than a form that far exceeds SS. But, what if we did get introduced to him in his OSS form, and we didn't even know it?

The Great Ape form! I believe that "Golden Oozaru' is the actual first Super Saiyan form! Think about it, when we first see the OSS, he's in the 'Golden Oozaru' form, rather than than the SS form we've seen Goku take. Not only that, but the Super Saiyan legend has a passage that states Super Saiyans love "destruction and anger". When Goku first transforms, it's during the Frieza Saga. Frieza has just killed his closest friend, Krillin, and Goku gets understandably enraged, causing him to finally reach his breaking point and transform. But, though he does cause a lot of destruction fighting Frieza, he doesn't seem to be doing it purposely, and it was Frieza who caused the planet to erupt. And yes, he is angry at Frieza, but he still has enough of his morality to offer Frieza mercy. If this form was the true Super Saiyan, he would be in an uncontrollable rage! But do you know when Goku IS in an uncontrollable rage? In GT! When he transforms into the 'Golden Oozaru', he destroys everything around him and actually tries to kill his own granddaughter!


He knows only destruction and anger while in this form, just like the legend says. This is what leads me to believe that the 'Golden Oozaru' form is the actual OSS form! But that's not all I'm theorizing! If 'Golden Oozaru' is the true SS form, I believe that Goku is the only one who can achieve it! More specifically, Goku's family. "But what about—" hold on, we're getting to that. Baby steps my readers, baby steps. Let's go on a journey in time with some more DBZ history!

Bardock, father of Goku ("and Raditz," whispers Raditz...)! Bardock was a bit unlike his Saiyan comrades. Though he too found pleasure in destroying planets, he was smarter than them and seemed less primitive. While on a rampage on Planet Meat, Bardock is given psychic powers by one of the alien inhabitants. He is able to see into the future and witness the massacre of the Saiyans by the cowardly Frieza! He tries to warn the others, but they don't believe his wild tales. And so Bardock charges Frieza on his own! He manages to take out quite a few of his guards, before being blown away by a large supernova attack from Frieza. As the blast disintegrates him, he has a vision of his son, Goku, defeating the evil tyrant! Relieved and proud, he dies with a smile on his face.

Except that he doesn't. IN a recent manga one-shot (and anime special) it's revealed that Bardock doesn't die, and is instead sent back in time! How did this happen? Well, just before Frieza shot his supernova at him, Bardock forms a blue ball of energy in his hand. Many have speculated that the energy from the blue ball colliding with the energy from the supernova caused a chain reaction, sending Bardock back in time. But I don't think that was the only thing the chain reaction did to Bardock. See, in the special, Bardock ends up on Planet Plant, which is what Planet Vegeta (home of the Saiyans) was called before the Saiyans had gotten there. He befriends a young alien named Berry, who brings him food every day. One day, Frieza's ancestor, Chilled arrives on the planet and starts attacking the villagers. He shoots Berry with a beam of energy, angering Bardock to the point of going "Super Saiyan"!

So. Awesome.
So. Awesome.

But as I said before, this transformation is not the OSS. But then, why and how does Bardock get to this state? I believe I have the answer. And it's SUPER ironic! Raise your finger if you're an alien who makes many mistakes and has inevitably plotted his own downfall!

Thanks man!
Thanks man!

Frieza, the absolute worst villain in the world! Not only did he enlist an entire race that he was afraid of, but he let the one person who was destined to defeat him get away as a child! Years later, Goku nearly kills him! And not only that, but you could even say that Trunks killing him was his own fault too, as he let Vegeta, the father of Trunks, survive too! He even let Vegeta stay as a member of his army! THE PRINCE OF THE RACE YOU MURDERED IN ONE FELL SWEEP AND YOU LET HIM GET THAT CLOSE TO YOU MAN! Oh yeah, he has absolutely no hard feelings towards you for that!

But I say we take Frieza's bad luck one step further. How? by saying that he created this:

No, not Bardock. But rather, Bardock's fake SS form. I believe that Frieza's supernova, mixed with Bardock's blue energy ball not only sent the Saiyan warrior back in time, but caused a molecular reaction as well! It remolded his DNA, making him 10x stronger than before and helping him to achieve an extreme burst in power! Ok, I bet you think that's very interesting. But what does that have to do with my theory that 'Golden Oozaru' is the OSS? And if Bardock obtained these powers through DNA mutation, how did Goku, Vegeta and just about every Saiyan we've met on earth obtain them? Well I'm getting to that. Let's talk some more about Bardock.

What happened to him after he defeated Chilled with his new found powers? Well, since he did save them from death, you can imagine the inhabitants of Planet Plant made him their hero. He was most likely given a high position in power, maybe their king? No no, king is too small a title to give to the man that literally saved their planet. He guarded them from destruction!!

That's right, I believe that Bardock became the Guardian of Planet Plant! But so what? It's not like we've heard of this Guardian before. Except that we have, but when we did, he was given a different title: Guardian of Planet Vegeta!

In DBZ, King Kai tells Goku a tale about the destruction of Planet Vegeta. The Guardian of Planet Vegeta, after realizing how evil the Saiyans were, destroyed the entire planet with a huge asteroid storm! I think that mysterious figure was Bardock! But not just Bardock! Oh no, not just simple old Bardock! I believe it was....drum roll please....Super Saiyan God Bardock!

Let's go back to Bardock's history, before his supposed destruction of Planet Vegeta. Back when it was called Planet Plant. Bardock, with the knowledge of time travel and the "Super Saiyan" form under his belt, sought to stop Frieza from ever destroying the Saiyans. The problem was, he didn't know how far back he was. It could be years before Frieza showed up, so Bardock needed a plan to stay alive. With his immense power, and knowledge (Vegeta once called him an exceptional scientist) he sought out immortality! He learned of the Dragon Balls, ancient relics that summoned a gigantic dragon god. The dragon would grant the person one wish, whatever he wanted! Bardock spent years retrieving the Dragon Balls, hastily finding them before Frieza or the Saiyans showed up.

He finally finds all seven of the relics, and summons the dragon! He wishes to live forever! But the dragon informs him that he can not grant such a wish (always something with this guy). Frustrated, he compromises by wishing that the only way he can die is if he is killed; thereby technically making immortal, as long as he doesn't get killed.

So now he has plenty of time to get stronger for the battle with Frieza! Many years pass by, and Bardock becomes more and more powerful due to his training! He finally achieves the ultimate level, thanks to gathering the energy from every single organic being on the planet, Bardock is able to achieve the status of Super Saiyan God! Why do I think he reached SSG? Well, let's look at the legend of the original Super Saiyan God.

The original SSG was a being covered in red aura. He wore a cape and was of pure heart. He plotted to destroy all the evil Saiyans and save the universe from their tyranny! Unfortunately, he failed due to the transformation's time limit. His god-like form, his love of capes, and his wish to stop the pure Saiyans perfectly match the description of the Guardian of Planet Vegeta! So if Bardock was the Guardian, he was also the God! "But wait you say? Didn't the Guardian succeed in destroying Vegeta?" Well, technically. See, it was revealed that it was actually Frieza that destroyed Planet Vegeta. But Frieza is certainly not the Guardian of Planet Vegeta. However, it's speculated that the Guardian acted behind the scenes, and even manipulated Frieza into being afraid of the Saiyans. But why would he do that if he was Bardock? Why would Bardock side with the man who committed genocide on his entire species?

Because as we all know, in order to achieve SSG status, you must be pure of heart. Saiyans are usually not pure of heart, and yet Bardock was. So if Bardock was the Guardian, and a SSG, he most certainly realized how evil the Saiyans were. But the SSG is a person of peace, not war. So I believe that Bardock tried to reason with them first. But you can't reason with barbarians. Bardock tried desperately to reason with them still, in the hopes that by doing so, he could change the timeline and stop Frieza from ever killing the Saiyans. But upon realizing how evil the Saiyans were, he opted to kill Frieza himself instead. But then again, if he were to kill Frieza, he'd be allowing his race to grow and potentially rule the galaxy with their large numbers! He couldn't have that! So many planets would be destroyed and it would all indirectly be his fault. And so, he decided what he must do.

Which was...absolutely nothing. Yep, he decided to leave the fabric of space and time alone! He waited for Frieza to destroy the Saiyansl but after years and years, Frieza's onslaught never came! Why is that? Because Frieza had no reason to be afraid of the Saiyans. It's true that Chilled, with his dying breaths, told his henchman to tell his family to "fear the Saiyan with the blonde hair", but the Saiyans were loyal little monkeys, Frieza wasn't about to let some myth make him get rid of his workers.

So Bardock realized that he has to make Frieza afraid! How? By showcasing his power. He told Frieza that the Saiyans were powerful and must be destroyed. But of course he didn't believe him, and so Bardock took matters into his own hands once more. He summoned a large asteroid storm towards the planet! But this is a planet full of powerful warriors! Asteroids aren't going to be enough to stop them! Bardock needed a new form of power. Something larger than Super Saiyan God! But what? The original (and only) Super Saiyan form! Harnessing all his rage into energy, he absorbed it and became the 'Golden Oozaru'! He rampaged across the planet, aiming to destroy it even if it killed him! Which, did. The planet was destroyed, along with many Saiyans and Bardock himself. Because of most of the Saiyans being preoccupied with the storm, and anyone who saw the OSS likely being killed by him, no living Saiyan really saw who destroyed their planet. But Frieza saw.

Frieza saw clearly what happened. But due to a deadly mix of fear, anger and hatred, he lied and said that he did it. He pushed the memories of the OSS further and further into the recesses of his mind, until he eventually tricked himself into thinking he was just seeing things. But his fear of the Saiyans was still there! And of course, thanks to rumors spreading like wildfire, the myth of the OSS was born. So there you have it! Bardock is the original SSG and the OSS! But what about the fake SS form? If Bardock got his power boosts from DNA mutation, how do others have it? Explaining how Goku has it is easy; genetics. But what about Vegeta? Broly? Trunks? All of them?! I have a pretty good idea.

In the DBZ-verse, it is possible to give your energy to everyone in the area. Bardock, a man who achieved both SSG and actual Super Saiyan form, is probably just gushing with energy! So, with his final moments, he gave all of his energy to his fellow Saiyans. Energy that would pass through them for generations to come! But, there's a catch. Only the truly powerful could achieve "SS" form (the quotations mean the fake SS form), and only the powerful and pure of heart could reach SSG!

And there you have it! Frieza doomed himself from the start and Bardock reached exponential levels and ultimately realized that things needed to stay the same! But stay with me now, because we have just ONE MORE thing to cover!

Baby! Yes, that's actually his name. Baby is a character in Dragon Ball GT, he is the only surviving member of a race called the Tuffles, obviously a play on the word Truffles (DBZ has a lot of food based names). The Tuffles shared Planet Vegeta with the Saiyans. While the Saiyans were violent and primitive folk, the Tuffles were highly intelligent, and their technology was very advanced. Though they shared a planet, the Tuffles and the Saiyans despised each other, and soon a war broke out! The Tuffles, despite their advanced weapons, were no match for the Saiyans once the full moon came out. With tons of gigantic ape beasts coming towards them, the Tuffle King had to act fast! He infused his DNA with a genetic experiment the Tuffles had been working on, and sent it out to space. This experiment was Baby, who was tasked with avenging the Tuffles by destroying all Saiyans! Now, if the Saiyans were never slaughtered by Fieza, and Goku never made it earth, this mission would be considered heroic.

Which is exactly why Bardock helped them! I think that before he realized that he needed to leave the time continuum alone, Bardock tried to side with the more peaceful and practical inhabitants of the planet, and aid them in their efforts to stop the tyranny of the evil Saiyans. As the Guardian of Planet Vegeta and practically a God, Bardock must have had some pretty great genes. Genes strong enough to contribute to a certain genetic experiment perhaps?!

See, Baby was designed to destroy the Saiyans, he was a genetic mutation. But the only DNA we knew he was infused with was the Tuffle King's. But the TK lost to the Saiyans, so what's the point of infusing him with just the DNA of someone who couldn't beat the Saiyans? Not only that, but Baby was already a test tube experiment before he was infused with the Tuffle King's DNA, so he had to have started from something else. I believe that Bardock gave the Tuffles some of his powerful DNA to use in their experiment.

Bardock didn't want to fight against his Saiyan brethren, but he knew they were too evil to be reasoned with. But then, the Saiyans attacked, and the Tuffles were eradicated. Bardock, with no knowledge of Baby's survival, assumed that he died. Years later, Baby makes it to earth, and locates Goku and his friends. He possesses Vegeta and takes the form of a gigantic golden great ape!

But why would Baby be able to transform into the actual SS form if only Goku's family can do it? Simple, he has Bardock's DNA in him! With that DNA, he is able to transform into the Son Goku family exclusive SS form!

Well, that's my theory! Here's a recap of the timeline:

  • Bardock attacks Frieza

  • Bardock is sent back in time

  • Bardock defeats Chilled

  • Bardock becomes Guardian of Plant (Vegeta)

  • Bardock gathers the Dragon Balls and gains a techinical form of immortality.

  • Bardock trains to defeat Frieza, and becomes a "Super Saiyan" God

  • Frieza and the Saiyans show up

  • Bardock tries to reason with the Sayains

  • Bardock, after failing to reason with the Saiyans, sides with the Tuffles.

  • After the Tuffles are destroyed, Bardock tries to convince Frieza to be afraid of the Saiyans. He doesn't listen.

  • Bardock, in an effort to keep the timeline how it is supposed to be, sends an asteroid storm hurdling towards Planet Vegeta

  • The Saiyans stop the storm, so Bardock tries something else.

  • Bardock harnesses his anger, and becomes the OSS! He destroys Planet Vegeta and dies on it.

  • Frieza becomes afraid of the Saiyans and plans to destroy them.

  • The timeline is an infinite lopp at this point with Old Bardock dead and young Bardock plotting to attack Frieza and save his race.

That's my theory! I hope you like it!


What did you think of my theory?


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