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Mission Impossible 5 or now known as "Rogue Nation" has gone under the radar recently, people forgetting that its been pushed forward from December to July 31st of this year, its about time we got that first trailer!

Ethan Hunt and his team of IMF agents take on their deadliest mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate. The Syndicate is an international rogue operation, a highly skilled group committed with taking down the IMF.

Mission Impossible is one of the most iconic action franchises in Hollywood history, from its "Your mission, should you choose to accept it" to the undeniably catchy theme music. When the franchise began it was always the plan to switch the director with each installment, as to keep the franchise constantly fresh.

Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) is taking over from Brad Bird who delivered the best in the series so far with "Ghost Protocol" back in 2011.

It looks as though McQuarrie is carrying on the fun tone set by Brad Bird on the last film which is a very good thing! I wasn't a huge fan of McQuarrie's "Jack Reacher", it was fun at times but never really stuck with me so I have been hesitant about his take on this franchise but because it doesn't look like he's straying too far from Bird's previously set tone I think we're in good hands.

Of course the big scene everyone is talking about is Tom Cruise hanging onto the side of an airplane during take off, and whilst it may look like CGI.....this was real.

So if you thought Tom Cruise couldn't top the Burj Khalifa stunt from "Ghost Protocol" then you were wrong! Yet another reason why Tom Cruise is still the greatest movie star we've ever had!

I really enjoyed this trailer guys, tell me what you thought of the first trailer down below in the comments!

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