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There has been a major update in the production of Avengers: Infinity War. Since the fall of 2014, fans of MCU saw the announcement that the next Avengers film would not only be the moment many have waited for, but Infinity War will be broken into two parts. With a blockbuster of this magnitude, one can only imagine who would direct Infinity War. Many likely assume that the man behind The Avengers films, Joss Whedon, would return to direct the next chapter in The Avengers Saga. However, reports have reached the web and it states that Joss Whedon will not be directing Infinity War, but in fact Joe and Anthony Russo.

The Russo Bros have been known for directing comedies such as You, Me and Dupree and Welcome to Colinwood. However, the duo surprised the world when they directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier; which is loved by both moviegoers and film critics. Now the Russo have a major task on their hand as not are the two directing Captain America: Civil War but now the anticipated blockbuster that is Infinity War. Now the question is are the Russo Bros the right choice to direct this two-part epic?

Are there set backs to this announcement? I have to say yes. This is not to say that the Russos are not up to the task, but I cannot help but feel dishearten and concerned that Joss Whedon will not be in the director's chair for the next Avengers films. There were a lot of factor to The Avengers success, and Joss Whedon was one of those factors. With Whedon not directing Infinity War, it could make for a strange transition in certain areas for the blockbusters. It is likely that Joss Whedon will stay on board as either producer or a writer, but with Whedon out of the director's chair, it is possible that the change could effect the film's presentation.

Though Whedon not directing Infinity War could be problem, this is not to say the Russo's involvement is not a good thing. The brothers proved to everyone that they can direct a superhero blockbuster in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Granted Infinity War is at different caliber then The Winter Soldier (if you can believe that). However it seems that Marvel have a lot of trust in the Russo Bros, as the duo are returning to direct Captain America: Civil War. With Civil War featuring a number of characters, perhaps that will blockbuster will be the deciding factor on whether or not the Russo are ready to tackle Infinity War. The Russo have proved their worth for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so perhaps Infinity War is in good hands.

There is still a lot of time and a whole other phase before we even get to the first part of Avengers: Infinity War. So there is still plenty of time for the Russos to get ready for this anticipated two-part movie. While this decision is still questionable in my opinion, I can only hope for the best from the Russo Bros. They have proven that they have a directing prowess with Winter Soldier, so maybe they will bring their A game for Avengers: Infinity War; and if they are successful, then it will indeed raise this directing duo to new heights.

Avengers: Infinity War will hit theaters in May of 2018 and 2019.


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