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We all love the casting choices Marvel has made for the Avengers, but if they were recasting; here is who I would choose.

1) Loki

Loki is played perfectly by Tom Hiddleston and is one of my favorite actors. My choice for Loki is... Hayden Christensen!

Now, I know what you're thinking. "The guy who ruined Anakin Skywalker?" Yeah, that guy, but here me out on this. I am a die hard Star Wars fan. I have memorized all of the opening crawls, and I have memorized most of every single Star Wars episode. And I'm only 19!! Most people hate how Hayden Christensen portrayed Anakin Skywalker, but I, personally, love how he portrayed Anakin, especially in Revenge of the Sith.

2) Tony Stark/Iron Man

There are some actors who were just born to play a certain role, and RDJ is one of them. So, without disrespecting the Amazing Robert Downey Jr., I choose... James Franco!

James Franco is widely known for his role in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and his role as Harry Osborn in Sam Raimi's Spiderman films. I believe he did a great job in those roles and is capable to pull of our favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

3) Steve Rogers/ Captain America

I believe that for this role you need an actor who is a bit older and more experienced. You need someone like... Brad Pitt!

I, honestly, have not met a single person who doesn't like Brad Pitt. He is known for many roles such as my favorite, World War Z. He's proven that he can play someone who is wise, strong, a great leader, and a righteous person, like Captain America.

4) Nick Fury

I will give 2 options on this one, because I can't decide who I'd like more in the role.

First Choice

I pick Cuba Gooding Jr! He has been in multiple movies, and he has proven he can play many different character types. This role may be hard for him, but I think he could eventually pull it off.

Second Choice

My next choice is... Harrison Ford! Yes, I know he is a much older actor, but think of the roles he has played. He's played as Han Solo in Star Wars and many more, but that, I think, is his most famous role. So, why couldn't Hollywood work their movie magic and make Ford look a little younger if they want?

5) Hawkeye/Clint Barton

I have picked an actor who is capable of giving us those famous, funny one-line-quips of Hawkeye's. So, who can pull it off? Well, I think it's... Spencer Boldman!

Some of you may be a little sceptical on this casting choice, which is fine, but I will try my best to rid you of that scepticism. So, I mentioned earlier that Hawkeye's actor needs to be able to be funny and able to do those one-line quips. Well, Spencer Boldman has proven he can do that in the Disney XD show Lab Rats. Some of you may think that Spencer Boldman is too young. I say to that, "If Harrison Ford can be made to look a bit younger. Then Spencer Boldman can be made to look a bit older."

6) Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Scarlet Johansson is my favorite actress, so it was hard to find a replacement. So, I tried to pick someone who is just as good. My pick is... Natalie Portman or Natalie Dormer!

I picked two actresses on this one also, because I couldn't pick, and because They both have a lot of experience. Natalie Portman has played in Star Wars and as Jane Foster in the Thor films. She could pull it off, I think, if she wanted to. Natalie Dormer is another story. I haven't seen her in much, but from what I have seen of her, I like. She had a small cameo in Captain America: The First Avenger as the girl who started kissing Cap and getting Agent Peggy Carter mad. She has also been rumored to be playing Captain Marvel, which I think would be great if she did.

7) Thor Odinson

This was a hard casting choice, but I eventually landed on... Bradley Cooper!

Bradley Cooper has been in multiple roles and recently did the voice of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. I believe he could bring the seriousness and power needed to play such an iconic character such as Thor.

8) Bruce Banner/ The Incredible Hulk

I love Mark Ruffaloe's portrayal of the Hulk, but it's mandatory, kind of, that I find a replacement. So, I picked... Andrew Garfield!

We need someone who can do a great job in action sequences and can be a bit of a science nerd. So, who better than Andrew Garfield? He's played most recently as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spiderman films. And in playing Spiderman, you need to show brain and brain; same as with Bruce Banner/Hulk. Yes, Andrew Garfield may be a bit young, but I say to you the same thing I said about Spencer Boldman.

Bonus: Spiderman

I think Dylan O'Brien would do the role wonderfully as Spiderman. He has experience in The Maze Runner which showed smarts, wit, bravery, and brain.

So, what do you think of my casting choices? Do you think these actors/actresses could play these iconic characters well, or no? Please comment below and share your opinions. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


Which do you prefer for Nick Fury?


Who do you prefer for Black Widow?


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