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Guess what? Remember when theater actor Ray Fisher was cast as Cyborg last year? Never lose sights of him because we now have the first look of Cyborg...

Ray Fisher, DC
Ray Fisher, DC


April Fool's!

Okay, I know it is a little late because it will probably be a little later in April when you read this. Regardless of the time, let us gather all we can from this amazing picture. In order to follow, take a good look at his Instagram post above!

It is time for a not-the-real suit breakdown!


Refer to the Instagram post. This fake costume is definitely accurate! He has the silver cybernetic body and the right side of his face is covered, just as it is supposed to look like. The white card that Ray a Fisher taped to the center of his chest was the Cyborg logo. It's visible in the image right above. I might be looking into this too much, but I think this is a huge hint at his cinematic portrayal.

This leads me to wonder if the suit/cybernetic body has actually been designed yet. What do I think? I think that yes, the cinematic Cyborg has been designed.

While my detective skills aren't as great as Batman's (or Benedict Sherlock's skills for that matter), I have come to one conclusion.

The real [Cyborg](movie:1043082) reveal is imminent.


Some would say that since all his scenes were filmed, his movie appearance will not be displayed anytime soon, I disagree. We know nothing about the plot. He will most likely play Victor Stone, but as Cyborg? Probably. We got to see Jason Momoa as [Aquaman](movie:264237) and that was supposed to be displayed next year!

Let us just expect the unexpected.

Could he reveal happen at WonderCon?


We are forty-four days or less away from the release of the first [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) teaser trailer. We now know that because of Collider and Variety's reports that it will be attached to Mad Max.

What does that mean?

There is something else coming to WONDERCON on Saturday, April 4th, 2015. This convention will have a Warner Brothers panel in the afternoon, but that is all we know. People were expecting the Dawn of Justice teaser trailer to come that day, but since we know when it will really come, will something smaller be shown? Okay, yes. I am predicting that the official first look at Cyborg is coming to WonderCon. If not, expect Zack Snyder to reveal it on Twitter in the middle of the night of a weekday.

Only time will tell...


Just wait. Good things come to those who wait. Have a great week Pilots!

Source: Instagram (as embedded)

Were you fooled? Think the reveal will come on April 4th? Questions, comments, concerns?


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