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Ryan Loftus

I'm aware that there is an abundance of Spider-Man fancasts flying around ever since the reboot was announced, but nonetheless, I've decided to toss another one in the mix. My personal fancast is Billy Unger. I've added a fairly recent picture of him above, and in my opinion he's perfect for the role of Peter Parker. Besides his looks, he has a few more elements that other potential actors don't, which will be listed as follows.

  • He already has an in with Disney, who owns Marvel, as he stars on a currently running Disney Channel show called Lab Rats (Bionic Island). This could prove to be slightly problematic, as the show is recently beginning to find its feet and scheduling could be an issue, but they're both owned by Disney, so I'm sure no one would have a problem.
  • On the aforementioned series, Lab Rats, he plays a genius teen who is growing into his role as part of a superhero team. Sound familiar? As in exactly the type of Spider-Man Disney is looking to portray in the new films? I thought so.
  • Recently, again for his show, he has been working out like a mad dog, so he has the right body type for an already established Spidey.
  • Finally, his age. Billy is slightly older than they're looking for at 19, but he looks a bit younger than he is, which leaves him again at the perfect spot for the role.

I hope you guys enjoyed my fancast and if it seems like you did, I'll be coming out with a Spider-Man supporting characters and villains fancast soon, maybe a fan-made synopsis for the new film(s).


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