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So you mean to tell me Hollywood, you let the Agent Cody Banks Movies and The Spy kid franchise happen before you give Johnny Quest his own movie? Shame on you! The live action treatment for this long over due by like 30 years or more.

Mighty Max

Another great cartoon waiting to be brought to life by a hollywood studio. I have an idea quit rebooting and remake everything and watch some 90's cartoons, there mad property ready to be brought up and made into franchise.

Captain N

Recent video game movies have proven to be a fan favorite, like wreck-it-ralph. Disney and Pixar can easily give this that disney magic and create a dope franchise.

King Arthur and The Knights of Justice

Game of throne is super huge right now, this would be great in the movies right now. I could definitely see some Sci-fi/time piece Ridley Scott or Christopher Nolan touch to this. I could see this being super dark, pushing PG-13 all the way to it's limit.

Hey hollywood, I'm just giving some ideas on cartoons that would make great movies. Hey..If you want give me a budget of 75 million and I'll make one...


Which would you like to see first in the movie?

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