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Jennifer Pesant

For starters, the conversation with Carol and Rick, then his ''keep walking'' to Pete... his actions towards Jessie to get her to let him help. Their conversation when she finally said ''yes'' to get help. Finally, the beating scene with Pete that leads to the final scene. This man is a rare talent and a pure one. He deserves to be recognized for his amazing work. Andrew Lincoln is truly good.But, what I want to know is... When Rick gave his speech to the Alexandrians... Do you think he was being crazy? Do you think he was right? Do you think he just lost it?I think that he was totally right... Maybe his way of doing that speech wasn't great, but he's right about everything that concerns survival inside the walls. They're weak and they don't feel like they are, but they need to learn how to fight. Or they'll die. Like some comments I've read, people said he lost it and is insane. I don't think a second he is. I just think he did it the wrong way, but with the good words.

In the last episode, we saw a lot of action. It was an awesome episode, according to me.

For comic readers, it was really close to the comics.

I don't want to spoil anything, but, let's talk about Andrew Lincoln's (aka Rick Grimes) performance... He was stunning and really did some of the greatest scenes of his acting career. He is really talented.

But, I want to hear from you. What did you think about Rick in the last scene?


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