ByVictor Zsasz, writer at

My first favorite super hero is batman. i choose batman as my first favorite super hero because he stands for everything a human can be if they just put their mind to it, with willpower and hard work batman has over come anything that's came in his second favorite super hero is shazam aka captain marvel(dc). i pick shazam because i feel like his a more pure at heart character (before the new 52) and him still being a kid made him more relatable for me when i was third favorite super hero is hulk. hulk is one of my favorite heroes of all time because all he wants to do is be left alone but even tho thats what he want he still helps people in need. my fourth favorite super hero or more of an antihero is rorschach . im not sure if i can pick him for the contest but i pick him anyways lol , rorschach is just one crazy s.o.b you got to love . i pick rorschach beacause he see the world for what it truely is ... and on to my finally favorite super herooooo.......*drum roll*.....GAMBIT . gambit is my fifth favorite because anything me touches can become a weapon.


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