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Last week, I wrote an article where I fan-cast a few of my favorite TV actors in some DC Comics roles I'd love to them in. Now, I want to take three new actors and fan-cast them in Marvel Comics roles! I decided that I have to challenge myself and steer clear of Batman stuff for this post, especially since two of my picks in that last post were Batman characters. It's just not fair to the rest of the awesome characters in the comic book universe...even if Bats is the best! Sorry, I lost myself there, let's get into this post. Just like with my DC post, I will not be using anyone already in superhero shows as much as I'd love Matt Ryan to be Dr. Strange, Stephen Amell to be Cyclops, and Grant Gustin to be Human Torch.

1. Jon Bernthal - The Walking Dead

Made famous by his role as Shane in seasons 1 & 2 of the most popular series in existence, Bernthal executed the ability to be funny, heroic, brutish, and sometimes downright sinister as the series progressed in his many faces of Shane. He's one of my favorite underestimated actors, and so I picked one of my favorite Marvel characters to fan-cast him as: The Punisher.

Let me just get this out of the way...I'd love to see Thomas Jane return to this role. I thought he did an incredible job, but in the event that the Punisher finally returns to the big screen, Bernthal would be my pick to replace him. Bernthal has already shown that he can achieve the anger, the cold calculation, and the sheer brutality that this character requires. One of the things I'd like to see the most in Bernthal's portrayal would be extra hand-to-hand combat scenes. Frank Castle is not only a master of armed and guerrilla warfare, but also hand-to-hand and stealth combat. The first couple movies definitely focused on gunfight scenes, with only a few fist fights.

2. Jared Padalecki - Supernatural

Padalecki is the other half of one of my top five favorite TV shows, and another under-appreciated star that I want to see more of. Unfortunately, the only thing he's really been in outside of Supernatural is the Friday the 13th reboot in 2009 (and Jensen was in the My Bloody Valentine remake...kind of ironic). Jared has come such a long way from season one, displaying all different kinds of anger, comedy, sadness, and even a penchant for evil...and reminds you a little too much of a moose when you think about it for too long. The range that he can achieve makes him perfect for my next character: Venom.

I want to see Padalecki unleash the villain inside, and what role is better for that then the man so overcome with hate and a need for vengeance that he embraces a monster? Jared has only scratched the surface of evil characters (yes, I know he was Lucifer but only for two episodes) and if Spider-Man is in fact getting a reboot, or even a third film, not only could Jared rock as Venom, but also Marvel needs to get it right this time and focus on the symbiote, rather than split the screen with too many villains.

3. Jennifer Morrison - Once Upon a Time

Morrison has been a "to-watch" TV actor for me since I saw her in House. She hasn't always impressed me, but when she does, she goes above and beyond. You've seen her as the bleeding-heart doctor, in OUAT, she's the unsung lonely orphan, turned fairy-tale hero and fighter. I like her as the hero, but I always like to think of throwing heroes in the opposite end of the spectrum, and for Morrison I chose: Enchantress.

Enchantress is a lesser-known character to people only familiar with the films, but here's a summary. Her real name is Amora, and she's an all-powerful sorceress and one of Thor's greatest enemies. Allied with Loki, she hates Thor almost as much as the God of mischief does, trying to kill him or seduce him at any given turn. I would love to see Morrison be a villain, and although she's a relative unknown character, Enchantress is a powerful character, both physically and emotionally.

What do you think? This article took me forever to decide on, because I'm mainly a DC fan, but I finally finished it! What TV actors do you want in the MCU? Would you rather see any of these in different roles? Share it all in the comments!


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