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Comics: a medium of entertainment that's growing in popularity each day. Most modern comics focus on superheroes and other people who can do extraordinary things. They often become figures that showcase the best of mankind: strength, bravery, loyalty, and justice. Here are my 5 favorite comic book characters.

5) Superman

Superman is a classic, and a great choice to start off my list. He is a character that can and has inspired many, myself included. He's strong, he's brave, and he has almost every power imaginable, ranging from flight and super strength to freeze-breathe and the brand new super-flare power. He can absorb knowledge extremely easily, and can breathe in space. He is a character with a little bit of everything, and is meant to inspire.

4) Green Lantern

Green Lantern is another great character, but I would like to focus on one particular version of the character: John Stewart. While Hal Jordan may have the strongest will-power, Stewart is extremely useful both with and without his power-ring. One reason why he is useful even without his ring is his training. He was a marine in the military before getting his ring, which proves a serious amount of will-power, fighting skills, and survival skills. He was also an architect before receiving his ring, which showcases creativity and ability to make better and more efficient constructs with his ring. Comparing Jordan and Stewart is difficult. While Jordan has stronger will, his constructs aren't usually very creative, and he is often shown as being not very serious. Stewart on the other hand may have weaker will-power, but his military training and career as an architect prove his ability to be both serious and have very creative constructs.

3) Flash

Flash, the fastest man alive! While Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, Flash is faster than a speeding Superman. I love both the Barry Allen and Wally West versions of The Flash. Wally is light-hearted. Barry is smart and can be both joke-y like Wally and serious. I grew up with the Wally West character on the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited animated TV show, and ever since then, The Flash has been one of my favorite characters. Also, out of all the heroes on the JL/JLU show, Flash and Green Lantern were the only ones i had action figures of as a kid.

2) Spider-Man

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can... Everyone knows at least part of that classic song. I know I just mentioned the JL/JLU TV show as being one of my favorites, but honestly, my time spent watching TV as a kid was mostly spent watching Spider-Man cartoons. I remember seeing reruns of all the old Spidey cartoons, such as the classic series from '67, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, and Spider-Man: TAS (1994-'98). Spidey was a big part of my childhood. My first comic book was a Spider-Man comic. I loved Spider-Man as a kid, so much so that my parents tell me stories of how when I was little we went to see the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man, and when I saw that costume for the first time I almost started yelling out of excitement in the theater, "SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN, MOMMY DADDY LOOK IT'S SPIDER-MAN!!!" By the way, I'm still in school, so I was pretty little when this movie first came out. I almost had a similar feeling while watching some parts of TASM 2. The CGI was incredible, the "thwip" sound his web shooters made was perfect, the costumes were amazing. Even if the story-line wasn't that great, I saw one of my favorite heroes coming to life, more realistically than ever before. It was incredible.

1) Nightwing

Finally, my top choice. It's kind of funny how all my other choices are characters with incredible powers, but my number one favorite comic book character has no powers at all. The fact that he has no powers though is one of the things that makes him the most interesting: I can relate to him. Now, I can relate at least a little bit to the rest of these characters, but Nightwing is definitely the most relatable, especially to me. Nightwing has been an acrobat all his life and when his parents died at the hands of Tony Zucco, he took up martial arts and fighting skills with the help of Batman. I have been a martial artist all my life, taking up different styles, weapons, and techniques over time, and eventually got into tricking, parkour, and acrobatics. I am most inspired by Nightwing, because on the page, he is everything I want to be. He's a skilled fighter and acrobat. The character inspires me to do more with both martial arts and parkour/freerunning. While Batman is often shown as nearly invincible, and pretty close to perfect, Nightwing is shown to have some flaws, like any real person. His diet isn't the best, he leaves his costume on the floor a lot, his identity was revealed to the public, he's often shown being tired. He's flawed to show that anyone, even someone with imperfections like him, can become something truly great. He truly is one of the greatest and most inspiring characters in all of comics because he is an example of a person at his best. Despite all his flaws and imperfections, he still often saves the day and makes it home safe.


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