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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already been going for almost 7 years since Iron Man forged the path for many adventures, not much has been shown in the superhero community outside of [The Avengers](movie:9040). For a common movie goer this might be okay, but as a comic book fan i feel more heroes should be introduced in order to increase the numbers against Thanos by the Infinity War.

If your familiar with the comic book series of the same name, a number of teams were present to fight against the mad titan from X- Force to [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) and the X-Men. Some limitations are in place as neither the X- Men of The Fantastic Four can join the battle for know, nonetheless only time will tell if their rights will be borrowed by then. Well going back to the main point i believe i'd be nice for characters such as Moon Knight, Ghost Rider or Blade to be added either in the upcoming Netflix series or Civil War, which is set to have a number of heroes showing up. While we will get Doctor Strange, [Black Panther](movie:9047), Ant Man and Carol Danvers, this barely is a small amount of characters going against such a powerful enemy.

We owe one to Batman for this
We owe one to Batman for this

As i pointed mentioned before acquiring Spider Man opens up a big window in terms of villains and secondary character of all sorts. For once we'll get the Green Goblin and [Venom](movie:372411) along with Black Cat and maybe even Carnage, a fan favorite, but what about Nova, Namor, Darkhawk, Wonder Man, Ka- Zar or even Swamp thing that have connections to establishes movies or have a slight easter eggs.

For example Nova could pick up and explain what happened to the infinity stone as the Nova Corps. While both Ka- Zar and Swamp thing could expand in the supernatural after [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) opens that up in 2016. Wonder Man would be a nice addition to the rumored second team of Avengers set to assemble in a possible future. Darkhawk could connect ties ranging from Spider Man to Shield and fill in past story gaps.

If this were to happen we would have two Avengers teams, The [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), Agents of Shield, The Inhumans, and The Defenders along with a handful of superheroes that i wish can join to go head-to- head with Thanos and his right hand men and provide a worthy end for Phase 3.

Ant-Man is happy
Ant-Man is happy

Well what you think let me know in the comments


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