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I've loved visual storytelling my entire life. I've been addicted to movies, television, comic books, video games, you name it. I am current
Cameron Rogers-Hawson

Hi there! My name is Cameron Rogers-Hawson, and these are my top 5 comic book characters:

5) Wonder Woman

The first superheroine ever created, she gave light to a new market of comic readers and helped to spread feminism to a new degree within the visual medium.

4) Wolverine:

Probably the most complex in depth of the X-Men, this mutant badass had a very innocent childhood until his powers emerged and turned his once innocent world upside down and now lives as a solitary immortal with a brooding personality and great anguish for life.

3) Superman:

The first superhero, and easily the most powerful, ever created, the so called "Man of Steel" gave hope to a generation of children across pages of panels and inspired hope into everyone, making them believe that nothing was impossible.

2) Batman:

The most psychologically complex superhero ever created, as well as having having some of the most iconic supervillains in comics, "The Dark Knight" has probably one of the most iconic back stories as well as one of the most iconic motivations of any character; "To strike fear into the hearts of the guilty!"

1) Spider-Man:

The first, official, teenage superhero ever created, and easily one of the most relatable and identifiable characters in all of popular culture, Peter Parker started off as a shy but intelligent bookworm who gained powers from a radioactive spider bite and made everyone believe that they could achieve greatness no matter who you were.


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