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As comic book fans, we all pick favorites and I am no exception. Over the years of reading and enjoying the illustrated worlds of comics, I have picked the characters that left an impression on me.

1. Green Arrow

First on the list, Oliver Queen, the Emerald Archer, whatever you want to call him, Green Arrow has wrapped me up in his Robin Hood style approach to taking out the crime in Star City. Armed with a bow and various arrows, including the infamous boxing glove arrow, Ollie brings a different variable to the DC Universe.

2. Deadpool

What can you say about the Merc with a Mouth that you can't read in a mental patient's medical records. Wade Wilson's path from a run of the mill prospect for the Weapon X program to the fourth wall breaking, gun toting, I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me masked mercenary paints the colorful character in his own special way... mostly colored by blood

3. Zatanna

Time to add a little beauty and mysticism to the list. DC's Mistress of Magic could possibly be one of the most powerful magic users in the DCU. Inheriting her magic by learning the tricks of the trade from her father, she proves how vital she is to the New 52's Justice League Dark.

4. Deathstroke

Ok so this may be pushing the boundaries a bit. He may be more of an anti-hero, but the current incarnation of Slade Wilson in his solo series depicts more of a hero for hire who has no qualms of crossing the line to get the job done. Deathstroke: JL Member? Not likely, but much like The Punisher, whatever it takes.

5. Goku

This was the first comic book hero that I ever was exposed to as a kid. Seeing as how his origin is in one of the top selling manga in Japan and the U.S., comics are still comics no matter the style and language and Goku is as much a hero as Batman or Superman. He pretty much is the Superman of Japan and is as much of an icon as the Man of Steel. Plus... Super Saiyan Goku is just badass


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