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Spiderman is all there is to life
Christian Martinez Pena


Raphael ( TMNT)

Raph brings out the inner rebel in all of us. He is a reminder of all those courageous and maybe even stupid things we did. Raphael helps us find out who we are. He clarifys our character. Who knew a turtle could be so important?


Wonder Woman ( DC)

Diana Prince is living proof that everyone is equal. Women can do what men can do, maybe even better.


Wolverine (Marvel)

Logan is the guy that teaches you to stay laid back. He is really relaxed although he doesn't forget to stay professional.


Hulk (Marvel)

STRONG! ANGRY! GREEN! That is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hulk. Try to look past the beast. Hulk is a man that struggles with anger, and he isn't the only one.


Spider-Man (Marvel)

And of course the one and only SPIDERMAN!!! Why wouldn't he be on this list? After all his character is one that is most relatable, especially teens. He is an inspiration to everyone.


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