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Recently, rumours revolving around Roy Harper (played by Colton Haynes) have been confirmed on Twitter that the sidekick of the [Arrow](series:720988) is leaving the team and the cast for good. But who will be the perfect candidate to take his place as Arrow's sidekick? Check out some of these possible replacements for Roy Harper on the show.

1. Thea Queen (Speedy)

Well, since the beginning of Season 3, we've seen Thea trained by Malcolm Merlyn on how to be strong, physically and emotionally. So basically, he's trying to convert her into a cold-hearted assassin, which she cannot become. But now that she's training under Oliver again, she has the potential to become Arrow's next sidekick. And she also faces the problem of being cross-haired by Ra's Al Ghul and the League Of Assassins. So if Oliver wants to keep her safe, the only way she's going to let him do that is to become his sidekick.

2. Connor Hawke

This is actually another surprise entry that might not come into recent episodes of Arrow. To get to know who he is, we gotta go way back to Season 2 - "Seeing Red". In a flashback to seven years earlier, Moira realizes something was bugging her son and Oliver reveals that he's gotten a woman pregnant. Moira meets with the girl and hands her a check for a million dollars, conditional upon her telling Oliver she's lost the baby. She'll give her another million if she never returns.

So basically, the baby, Connor Hawke, is Oliver Queen's son and he's bound to be his new sidekick, maybe in later episodes or after Season 5 (he would be all grown up by that time since Oliver was just a young adult at the time of his birth)

So, now we have two probable candidates who have what it takes to fill the position as Arrow's sidekick. What are your suggestions? Please do mention in the comments?


Who do you suggest to be Arrow's new sidekick?


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