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Joshua Paul Garner

With one of the most highly anticipated films of all time, Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice", comes a flood of questions yet to be answered. These questions, highly controversial in nature, bring most of us (if not all of us) to a state of discombobulated, anger, and stress. Today I will focus on this question. "who will win?" I will give you the facts and you can make a decision on your own.

Fact 1.

If anyone remotely dislikes superman for any reason, the laws of nature assure them that they will indeed stumble upon kryptonite. It's a proven fact from many different Superman comics, and every episode of Smallville.

Surely the worlds greatest detective can find some if some angry kid with daddy issues can fall down a hole and find some right after he blames his sorrows on superman.

now you are asking, "But there was no kryptonite in the last film?" which brings us to...

Fact 2

it doesn't matter. Even though general Zod was the first person to dislike superman and not find kryptonite, Ben Affleck knows superman better than you could ever imagine. He knows his weakness's, he knows his vice's, he knows his flaws, mistakes, loved ones, true identity, shoe size, favorite color, favorite TV show, favorite starburst flavor. Ben Affleck knows his true character because Ben Affleck knows what superman does when no one else is looking. Why does Ben know so much. Because he IS superman!

Or "Was" rather. Affleck has been there done that. In 2006 Affleck played Superman in Hollywoodland. Now with every advantage that comes with being batman. Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, greatest detective ever, fluent in over 1 billion languages, and trained in over 1 billion martial arts. not to mention all of the cool gadgets he has access to.

(I mean, all he has to do is be like "hey Lucius Fox, you got any kryptonite metal detectors in that big gadget factory of yours?" and Lucius would be like, "No but it turns out you own the largest Kryptonite mine in the world")

Fact 3

As the leaked footage from Comicon showed. Batman has his "Iron Batman" suit in this movie.

Straight from Frank Millers, "The Dark Knight Returns" Bruce receives this suit from Ironman as a birthday gift for his 50th birthday celebration. Just kidding! But seriously this suit provides enhanced strength, protection, and a sonic blaster. If Snyder runs true to Millers story Batman will also be equipped with a mysterious pill and synthetic Kryptonite that he has spent years developing.

I think these tools should prove to be sufficient to defeat Superman. So there you have it. Those are the undeniable facts. You decide.


Who do you think will reign as champion? Batman, v, or superman?


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