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Okay, I have been watching horror movies for the better part of my life and it has been the usual suspects at the top of these lists but I felt as though these needed to be revisited. Which I went ahead and did so that you wouldn't have to.

I have prepared two sets of statistics for you. The first of which has the top 10 horror movie villains by their death count. I had a couple of rules for this measuring:

  • The deaths had to be directly related to actions by the character
  • They had to have at least 2 movies under their belt

And here are my findings...

In the past, when looking at this sort of thing it's needless to say that we had the usual suspects...

No longer do we see the likes of Pinhead or Leatherface on this list! Instead we find the hillbilly trio of Wrong Turn, the efficient Victor Crowley and the ever-so-sneaky Death depicted in the Final Destination series. Which is okay by me since they are all very entertaining antagonists themselves.

All of this was very interesting for me to accumulate and hopefully you guys find it enjoyable. I was disappointed that my fellow countryman, Mick Taylor, didn't make the list but hey, you can't win them all.

Thanks for reading please comment below if you enjoyed this or if you think there is someone I missed.

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