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The film about the people that suffered short-term memory loss is always exciting. Starting from the thriller genre like memento or even a romantic comedy like 50 first dates.

Synopsis: Christine (Nicole Kidman) woke up and did not know anything around her. Including the man in the bed next to her and it turns out that is her husband, Ben (Colin Firth). Ben explained that the Christine has severe injuries on her head as a result of the accident. After Ben left, Christine got a call from dr. Nash (Mark Strong) who help Christine to find clues about what had happened. What Christine found are beyond her expectation.

Before I go to sleep is based on the novel with the same name. In my opinion, this film is very exciting. We are invited to guess what will happen next. Tension built pretty well. The story line is not slow and cannot explain the story with an efficient and uncomplicated. Twist presented at the end of the story about what happened to Christine didn’t well that make the audience surprise. A lot of thriller movies make ending like that.

The acting of 3 famous stars such as Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong are very great. All three have been highly recognized and received various awards. All three can build chemistry (and the tense atmosphere) very well. Nicole Kidman’s acting is very convincing and make us feel how stress and depressed Christine. Colin Firth as Ben can make us moved and also tense. Ben character in this film is the key to everything. I am the big of this British actor.

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