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These are my own theories and are not to be taken as true. Also, spoiler warning for the "Out Of Time" episode. Also, my internet is terrible today so my reviews for [Better Call Saul](series:1028213) and Scorpion probably won't be out until tomorrow. Looks like we're getting five posts tomorrow, yay...

So Eobard Thawne was finally revealed last week and now I thought I'd give my thoughts on the future of the identity of the Reverse-Flash. I believe there is a second Reverse-Flash, he just hasn't been revealed yet. I'll list a few candidates and talk about the likelihood of them being Hunter Zolomon a.k.a. Zoom.

Before we get started, I will do a brief history of Hunter Zolomon. During a battle between Wally West and Gorilla Grodd, Detective Hunter Zolomon had lost the ability to walk. He asked Wally West to travel back in time and prevent the accident from happening but he refused.

Hunter took matters into his own hands by trying out the Cosmic Treadmill. Some could say this went terribly wrong, some could say what happened was amazing. Hunter Zolomon gained the ability to manipulate time dilation relative to himself. Giving the illusion that he has super speed.

Hunter believed that Wally refused because he had not become a true hero yet. He believed that making him the best hero he can be, he would have to experience tragedy. Hunter took it upon himself to inflict tragedy on Wally's life to transform him into the hero Hunter believes he should be. Now it is time.

Eddie Thawne

This is the most obvious one which also makes him the least likely. I honestly believe that Barry Allen has more of a chance of becoming the Reverse-Flash than Eddie. Sorry to tell you Eddie, you're entire purpose on [The Flash](series:1068303) has been to be a red herring for Harrison Wells.

Cisco Ramon

This is interesting. Another member of STAR labs becoming the Reverse-Flash. I imagine he won't take Harrison's reveal too kindly and it will slowly deteriorate his mentality. An element of Eobard Thawne that was missing from Harrison Wells was his insanity, something that Cisco could develop. One disaster with a newly built Cosmic Treadmill and you got yourself another Reverse-Flash. This really doesn't feel like the way they are taking this character so we can sleep easy knowing he won't be trying to kill Barry anytime soon.

Joe West

A detective on the force, just like Eddie. Why not? Joe wants what is best for Barry and perhaps that means drastic measures to transform him into the hero he needs to be. This would be even more personal than Harrison and would put a strain on Barry and Iris' relationship. Especially when Zoom caused Wally's wife to have a miscarriage. That would mean he would attack Iris. But that is a bit drastic with his character, isn't it?

General Wade Eiling

It seems that Eiling is alive, from the footage we saw in the Payleyfest trailer. At the season finale, he gets a hold of Harrison, harnesses his powers and uses them to become his own personal weapon for the army. He's going to get powers, whether or not it's super speed, he will become a meta-human. Either that or he dies.

Captain David Singh

This is my personal favorite candidate. He works for the Police Department and after that run-in with the Weather Wizard, things don't look good for him. The nurse even said that she doubted he will walk again. Doesn't this sound familiar? His parallels with Hunter Zolomon seem uncanny. We are yet to see his character have a proper arc but I get the feeling we will have something special from him soon.


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