ByTim Scott, writer at

Yahoo Screen has just released the 100th episode of Community also known as episode 3, season 6.

Some thought the show would never reach this feat and if it weren't for Yahoo coming in at the eleventh hour we would have stopped at 97.

The celebration for reaching the 100 episode mark might have been in the cafeteria of Greendale but episode 100 is almost completely set in the study room. The 'Save Greendale' commitee find themselves in crisis mode when Annie uncovers a plot by City College to screen an ad informing everyone that Greendale gave a degree to a dog.

The highlights of the episode include Dean Pelton's (Jim Rash) texting relationship with who he thinks is Jeff (Joel Mchale) but is actually a Japanese school boy and almost everything the very unstable Chang (Ken Jeong) blurts out.


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