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Sorry for the low quality images. Like I said in my previous article, my internet is doing really badly at the moment and might not get better for a week or so. Damn brother hogging the bandwidth! That's it for my life story.

I had an idea. More of a theory really. The way that news has been going about the Shazam movie is very strange. They seem to completely focus around Dwayne Johnson playing Black Adam who won't be as villainous. Why haven't we heard from Shazam himself? Wouldn't Dwayne be more suitable for the hero role?

This is going to be a bit of a shock but by the sounds of it, I don't even think Shazam will be in the film. Think about it, no one is talking about Shazam, it's all about how Dwayne will play Black Adam and that he won't be so evil. This film is going to entirely be about Black Adam.

Now you might be thinking: "Hang on! This movie is called Shazam. Surely the main protagonist will be Shazam." First of all, Shazam was actually originally called Captain Marvel and second, Shazam might not be referring to the character.

"Just say the word." One of Dwayne's twitter posts teasing the role. This might just be referring to the catchphrase of the protagonist of the film that he will be starring in but why would he say that unless he was playing Shazam. Black Adam has the same powers as Shazam and also has to say the word "Shazam" for his powers to work. Shazam isn't talking about Billy Batson but the spirit itself.

This just seems so obvious now. It's kind of funny no one else has thought of this. It's just the way the marketing has gone about it. [Shazam](movie:738107) won't even have Billy Batson in it, it's all about Black Adam. Dwayne recently teased a potential appearance in Justice League, his role in this franchise is clearly big. He might even be a member of the league. What an interesting place to take the character, I've never been looking forward to this movie than I am now.


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