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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead!

Between all the drama surrounding Rick, Jessie and Pete (as well as the young love blossoming between Carl and Enid), you would be forgiven for not remembering much else from this Sunday's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193). However, aside from all the window smashing, there was evidence of some pretty brutal violence going on outside the walls of Alexandria, when Daryl and Aaron found even more hacked off limbs scattered in the woods close to a naked, half-devoured body.

At first glance it looks as though there were two random victims who had been subject to the same limb amputation as many of the citizens of Noah's community. However, some eagle eyed viewers over on Reddit stumbled on a possibly major spoiler when they noted that one of the body parts look like it could have belonged to a characters we've been waiting a long time to see: Morgan.

What did Daryl and Aaron find?

While out scouting, Daryl and Aaron came across some legs and arms with the heads and torsos missing. Although at first glance they looked like just more random victims, then the camera zoomed in on a selection of the limbs:

It was this bottom set of arms that really set the internet into some furious speculation.

What evidence is there that it could be Morgan?

After this brief glance at these amputated limbs, Reddit users Catapilarkilla and ImClot immediately noticed some small but important details about the victim that could prove that these arms belong to Morgan, check them out:

  • Wedding ring: The victim is wearing a wedding ring very similar to what we saw Morgan wearing in the very first episode of the entire series. Although he was spotted in Season 3, episode 12 without his ring, I don't think it would be unreasonable to think that he would still be carrying it with him; after all, he was a man so much in love with his wife that he couldn't even bear to put her down once she turned.
  • Jacket: This person is wearing a very similar colored jacket to what Morgan was wearing in Season 5, episodes 1 and 8,
  • Sunglasses: Those sunglasses are what really make this theory just crazy enough to work. As we know, Morgan showed up wearing a very similar pair earlier in the season - why else would they even bother showing these in a scene.

But why would they show us Morgan just to kill him off-screen?

So after teasing Morgan's arrival all season, why would they just kill him off-screen? Well, it could go all the way back to the mysterious group called the Wolves from episode 9. In the same episode that the Wolves were mentioned, the dismembered walkers with the 'W's' carved into their heads also showed up. Obviously The Walking Dead is building up to something big with the Wolves for the season finale - could it be possible that the writers of the show had Morgan killed off-screen to make the Wolves the instantly most hated Big Bad in the history of the show?

But surely it could be someone else entirely?

Of course, nothing is certain until we've seen that final episode, after all, as we all know The Walking Dead has been a big fan of red herrings in the past, leading us to believe one thing before pulling a fast one and leaving audiences stunned.

Add to this the idea that the 'W's' on the walkers' foreheads could also be read as an 'M' (perhaps an 'M' for Morgan?) and we definitely have some mixed theories about what could possibly happen in the season finale, including Morgan himself being the Big Bad.

But aside from this, I can't help but remember what both Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) said about the season finale. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Reedus warned "bring your’ll be screaming at your television.” while Michael Cudlitz told Yahoo TV in no uncertain terms that the season finale is "going to piss you off." Those quotes definitely sound like we should be preparing ourselves for something, and after such a build up to the return of Morgan, it definitely doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that we could be using those kleenex to wipe away tears of sadness.

Do you think Morgan is dead or alive?

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