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Now, when Marvel and Sony announced their deal to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems that they also inadvertently opened up a pretty immense flood-gate of speculation. Ever since that announcement, barely a day has gone by without some new information relating to when we'll first see the Web-Slinger, or just who'll play him.

One pretty consistent rumor for a while now, though, is that Marvel and Sony are looking to cast someone pretty darned young for the role - with the talented likes of Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien reportedly being out of the running at the ripe old-age of 23.

And, so, it's perhaps not too surprising that Marvel has, reportedly, auditioned a 16-year-old actor for the part.

Meet Mateus Ward

The 16-year-old actor, and star of the likes of Weeds and Hostages, has - according to BadAssDigest's Devin Faraci - auditioned with Marvel for the role, suggesting that there may well be some substance behind those persistent youthful-Spidey rumors.

The thing is, though:

What Would a 16-Year-Old Spidey Mean for the MCU?

Please. Not that. Anything but that...
Please. Not that. Anything but that...

After all, we're all pretty used to a fully-grown, 18-year-old plus looking Spidey - typically with the adult body to match. Would audiences be able to see a smaller, more youthful-looking actor as a legitimate superhero?

Well, short answer: of course they would. Marvel has long since proven that they know exactly what they're doing when it comes to adapting classic comic-book characters, and it's tough to imagine audiences that fell in love with a monosyllabic tree and talking raccoon struggling to handle a barely-pubescent Peter Parker.

The more intriguing part, for me?

A Younger Spidey Could Change What We See On Screen

Specifically, we could see something a whole lot less like this...


...and a whole lot more like this...

No. No Phwoar for you, Peter.
No. No Phwoar for you, Peter.

After all - fantastic as Andrew Garfield was as Spidey, he always looked like a full grown man, rather than a scrawny teen who somehow became a superhero. The original comic-book Spider-Man was pretty fundamentally defined by being a fantastically geeky everyman figure - an icon for every awkward kid out there who felt like they were never going to grow into their body or fit in at school.

Which, as it happens, Marvel very much returned to with their Ultimate Spider-Man reboot - and especially with Peter Parker's eventual Ultimate universe replacement, Miles Morales:

If, then, we really do see our on-screen Spider-Man make a return to his scrawny teenage roots, we might even see him take on some of the traits of the widely loved Miles Morales - even if he does, as now seems increasingly likely - remain Peter Parker.

No matter what, though - it's sure going to be exciting to find out...

What do you think, though? Will Spidey be better off as a younger teenager? Is there anything else you think is important that Marvel keep (or lose)? Join the debate!

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