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We've seen the sunny, carefree side of the sunshine state time after time. From The OC to 90210, California has seemed like heaven on earth for many of us slogging it out in towns that actually experience the full array of seasons.

True Detective is going to give us a new perspective on California, a darker view that will move away from the main cities and show us the "hard women, bad men" and occult history of this typically idyllic-seeming state.

The Cult of California

Big Sur as murder setting in True Detective 2
Big Sur as murder setting in True Detective 2

One of the most photographed sections of the Pacific Coast Highway will become the scene of a brutal murder in True Detective 2.

Pizzolatto has confirmed that Caspar's body will be discovered on a lonely stretch of highway somewhere near Big Sur. As in season 1, the main detective work will take place in fictional towns, but this atmospheric location for the murder will set the scene for a dark season that will shift our view of sunny Cali.

When a highway was first mentioned, most fans eagerly anticipated a Route 66 setting, given its history of spooky urban legends. So PCH will provide more of a blank slate for Pizzolatto to explore the "psychosphere ambiance" of lesser-known parts of California.

Sex Orgies and Porn Stars in True Detective 2

Season 1 of True Detective featured plenty of sex and intrigue, but season 2 will ramp up the action and go behind the scenes of California's steamiest parties!

McAdams and Farrell will get up to mischief!
McAdams and Farrell will get up to mischief!

In mid-March reports surfaced that an Eyes Wide Shut style orgy sequence had been filmed in Pasadena, starring two stars of the adult film industry, Amia Miley and Peta Jensen.

The scene is said to involve dozens of naked bodies, and also features Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams. Farrell's character, California Highway Patrol officer Ray Velcoro, is said to be "a compromised detective", so such cheeky behavior fits nicely with that profile, but McAdams' Sheriff Ani Bezzirades is said to have "uncompromising ethics", so her involvement in the orgy should be an interesting twist.

Lolita Davidovich will play an ex-showgirl in s2
Lolita Davidovich will play an ex-showgirl in s2

Along with the real-life porn stars that will appear in season 2, Lolita Davidovich, the actress that played the stripper love interest of Paul Newman in the 1989 film Blaze, has signed on to a play an ex-showgirl in True Detective 2. Davidovich will star as the mother of Taylor Kitsch's character, Paul Woodrugh, who isn't quite ready to hang up her thigh-high boots.

Cops Gone Bad

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn
Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn

Colin Farrell was the first confirmed lead for season 2 and it seems as though he will be the worst of the "bad men" Pizzolatto promised.

While investigating the death of Ben Caspar, the corrupt City Manager of a fictional California city, Farrell's Velcoro will be torn between his allegiance to the mobster that owns him (played by Vince Vaughn) who has a vested interest in the case, and the corrupt leadership that run the police department.

With “cocaine and anger management" issues and a history of exploiting his position of power, Velcoro is sure to be the anti-hero of the show that we all love to hate.

Taylor Kitsch filming True Detective 2
Taylor Kitsch filming True Detective 2

Just like his character in [Friday Night Lights](movie:395109) , Taylor Kitsch's True Detective role is a hearty, complex one for him to sink his teeth into.

Kitsch will play Paul Woodrugh, a "a war veteran and motorcycle officer for the California Highway Patrol, running from a difficult past and the sudden glare of a scandal that never happened." Some reports have suggested that the scandal could involve trading leniency for sexual favors, but this has not been confirmed by reliable sources.

Since Nic Pizzolatto, who has once again written all the episode for season 2, said that season 2 is partly about "hard women" and "bad men", it'll be interesting to see how the female roles shape up against these characters in the corrupt/hateful stakes.

Vaughn's Stops Traffic in Season 2

Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon, "a career criminal"
Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon, "a career criminal"

Originally, Pizzolatto said there would be three main leads in season 2. But he has since revised that figure to say four central roles will be involved. This is most likely to make room for Vince Vaughn's Frank Semyon, "a career criminal" trying to go legit.

Semyon had been involved in plans to create a "a high-speed railway system” that would run along the coast of California and bring new business opportunities to the small towns along the way, however these plans are thrown into turmoil when his business partner is found dead on the highway.

When Caspar's body is discovered, Semyon becomes the main suspect and calls in favors from corrupt politicians and cops to keep himself out of trouble.

Are you excited about [True Detective](series:755331) season 2? What rumors have you heard about the upcoming season (due to air in Summer this year) that you hope come true?


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