BySam Warrington, writer at

Like a mixture of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld and Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this short is all about a teenage girl called Claire Daniels who can "go inside the subconscious mind of the possessed," or the "realm of the soul." All while dealing with the normal every day demons that all teenagers face.

Written by one of the Vampire Diaries Producers, Rebecca Sonneshine, it all sounds pretty cool.

There's a possessed child with his Mom willing him to come back to her, which pulls on the heartstrings. Some good graphics for the demon itself, and who doesn't love a slow-motion fight scene with swords and catsuits set in a gymnasium?!

A great short film all on it's own, it will be interesting to see how this story can be stretched out to make a great movie.

Watch the short below and see for yourselves!


Do you think Realm will make a good movie?


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