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Hollywood legend David Hasselhoff has spoke with joyous glee about how bad his latest movie, Sharknado 3, is set to be.

Speaking to HuffPoLive, "The Hoff" appeared emotional when reminiscing about his involvement in the franchise. He said the third installment is "the worst movie that you have ever seen."

He told them,

"The first was the worst. The second one I think was even worse than the first. I am so honored to be in Sharknado 3. It is the worst movie that you have ever seen."

The Sharknado saga shows what happens when a monstrous storm devastates Los Angeles, leaving the streets flooded and infested with sharks.

And it seems the Baywatch star genuinely loves working on the project.

"And I tell yah, I had so much fun making the movie. The people who make the movie have such a great sense of humor. They are the nicest people. Everybody is in on the joke and it is so much fun. I'm telling you, this thing is going to go on forever."

Hasselhoff stressed the importance of playing it straight as an actor, even though the story is about tornado-riding sharks attacking people. He also hinted at a possible return for Sharknado 4. He said,

"The last shot of me will be me on top of the moon. I asked [the producers], 'Are you going to kill me?' 'No,' they said 'you're going to be in Sharknado 4.'"

Watch the full interview with HuffPoLive here.

SyFy's Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! will air Wednesday, July 22 at 9/8c.

Will you still watch Sharknado 3!?


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