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Update: Comp extended to Friday 3rd April. 12PM ET

Hey GTA fans! Ready to win a cool prize just for being awesome at gaming?

We're offering you the game of your choice (no pre-orders), from any available console (or PC) if you can land an epic stunt on GTA V. The choice of stunt is entirely yours, but there are a couple of ground rules:

1. The stunt must be your own, and must be submitted as a video on

2. Post the video (and a little about how you did it, how long it took etc) in an article as a creator.

3. No re-submissions of old stunts- this must be newly attempted for the contest

4. Entries must be submitted by Friday March 3, 2015. 12PM ET

5. Contest is available world-wide! Multiple entries will be accepted.

The winner will be the creator who lands the best stunt, but we also definitely want to see some footage of the failures (best part).

Our resident community gamer Egon gave it his best shot - check it out!

If you want to know how to support gameplay on your console, click HERE for Xbox and HERE for PS4 guides.

Even if you don't win the contest, we'll still make an awesome compilation video of all the stunts attempted and mention you in the video. Some of our videos have seen upwards of 5 million views- so it's a win-win!

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*By entering into the contest you verify that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions!


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